Alibaba wine & spirits goes live in China 1 September

Big Baba

In China big is really big. Online retailer Alibaba is reported to be kicking off its wine and spirits festival (September 1-9) with 100,000 lines, both wine and spirit, from 50 countries.

Apparently 1000 of these lines are being offered in China for the first time. If, as the report says, 100 million shoppers take part, this should be a huge success.

New rival Azer go

It’s getting tougher in the real world. Australian wine is facing greater competition. The latest news is that Azerbaijan is to establish an association of winemakers.

The aim is to increase exports. Azerbaijan wines are already exported to Russia, Ukraine, Baltic states, Poland, Belarus, the UAE and China. The country became a member of the International Organisation of Vine and Wine in June 2014. The game is on, Australia. Will Azerbaijan madrasa become a threat to shiraz?

Rest easy, though Azerbaijan is producing more grapes. The latest figures we found from the State Statistics Committee’s data show the country produced 165,080 tons of grapes in 2013, of which 63,890 tons (38.7 per cent) were used in the production of wine, while 94,977 tons were consumed as food.

Pernod says Christmas policy is crackers

Good to see Pernod Ricard is urging UK retailers to ease off the discounting this coming Christmas, and instead make a shekel or two on the premium spirits. It applies to wine as well. It’s a strange logic that dictates in the busiest period of the year the “sell more make less” mentality comes into play.

According to Pernod Ricard there are five key occasions when consumers drink at home during the Christmas period:

  • Christmas dinner
  • Christmas get-together
  • The “wrapping moment” of having a beer or a glass of wine while wrapping presents
  • The cocktail moment
  • Gift exchanging

The company seemed to have discounted the family argument.

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