The beauty of shiraz in McLaren Vale

In the valeBeauty in the Vale

Ulithorne ‘Familia’ McLaren Vale Shiraz 2015: A young release for McVale shiraz but this is no kiddie. It’s very well made with plenty of interesting flavours as it travels that keep the drinker both entertained and thoughtful. 94 points, with maybe one or even two to come as it ages, and worth the $40 asked.

Zonte’s Footstep ‘Chocolate Factory’ McLaren Vale Shiraz 2014: All the delights of McVale shiraz in one joyous stream of pleasure. 94 points and excellent value at $25.

Richard Hamilton McLaren Vale Shiraz 2014: If I say “good quality, standard McLaren Vale shiraz” do not think it a bland description. The shiraz from this region is of a high standard and this wine keeps up the average. Well done to the Hamilton team. 93 points and fantastic value at $21.

Red Knot ‘Classified’ McLaren Vale Shiraz 2014: This single vineyard wine is an exclusive to Dan Murphy’s, which sells it for $19. It’s pure McVale, rich in style, long across the palate with a smooth, satisfying finish, and good return. 94 points and value.

Chalk Hill ‘Luna’ McLaren Vale Shiraz 2014: All the warmth and beauty the Vale has to offer, and only $19. 93 points.

Yarnbomb McLaren Vale Shiraz 2013: Full of richness and dark black fruits, this is a wine to sip and savour as you contemplate the day. 93 points and worth the $22 asked, it’s an exclusive to Dan Murphy’s.

Mitolo ‘Savitar’ McLaren Vale Shiraz 2013: The nose is seductive, drawing the drinker into a world of sensuality (taste wise, that is). On entry, the flavours straightaway go downwards to dark, soft, velvet depths. All along the journey it gives, and as the journey can take as long as the drinker wants, it’s gorgeous. 97 points and worth its $80.

Mitolo ‘G.A.M.McLaren Vale Shiraz 2013: The nose starts the seduction process; it’s heady. The wine sits at the front of the mouth like a jaguar ready to pounce. But it doesn’t pounce. It stealthily pads across the palate, building menace and promise, which it delivers in full. 94 points now and I think more to come. Worth the $50 asked.

Oliver’s ‘Taranga’ McLaren Vale Shiraz 2013: Rich, but not cloying, with fruit ranging from ripe red through to black fruits that have a bitter edge (in a good way). Long across the palate and long on the aftertaste. 94 points and value at $30.

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