Beer remains the preferred American alcoholic drink

American alcohol pie:

The latest Gallup poll on American alcohol drinking habits shows 38 per cent of U.S. adults totally abstain from alcohol. That figure has remained below 40 per cent since 1997. Broken down the figures are

  • Four in 10 alcohol consumers say they most often drink beer
  • 30 per cent prefer wine,
  • 26 per cent prefer liquor
  • 62 per cent of Americans drink alcohol which is consistent with the historical trend

Damn, the man is right:

Matt Kramer writing in the Wine Spectator, 18 July, asks

Sauvignon Blanc the World’s Most Reliably Good White Wine?

Matt’s answer, It sure is.

He then goes on to outline his reasons. Read here

There is little love for sauvignon blanc at TKR but we have to agree with him and his reasons. At one point he asks if its him or the wine that has changed, both is the answer.

We keep away from most New Zealand SB but are finding less aggressive Australian offerings really do offer the crispness and layers of flavour we are looking for if a dry white wine is being asked to do a job that few others can do.

Chardonnay is great and beats most SB without trying but it has character and flavours not always called for. Pinot gris/grigio is divided into 10 per cent that offer something with 90 per cent being dishwater. Lots of the newer (to Australia) varieties fiano, Vermentino etc. do a wonderful job but again often the flavour can be on the fuller side and its often hard to find one listed.

Price also plays an important part, a clean crisp refreshing SB can be found at reasonable prices per glass/bottle.

Damn it the man is right and it’s about time TKR also came out of the smelly SB cupboard.

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