The best beer, Estonia tax increase, Wyndham Estate

Hit the spot

As any reader who has spent the day at a trade or consumer wine show will, we think, agree, the best part of a long day is the end and a beer that hits the right spot.

What a stroke of genius for the German Radeberger Group to launch Radeberger Pilsner at the London Wine Fair in May.

The Radeberger Group, Germany’s largest brewery, holds an almost 15 per cent share of the German beer market. This is its first time in the UK market.

Fins finished

A report from the BBC indicates a favourite pastime for Fins, a trip to Estonia may be finished. The trip an 87k ferry trip from Helsinki to Tallinn was a good excuse to stock up on alcohol.

Unfortunately for the Fins the Estonian government is set to impose a 70 per cent tax increase on alcohol in July. Goodbye to wine, beer and spirits at less than half the price they are in Finland.

There is an out for the determined if they are prepared to drive a further three hours from Tallinn into Latvia where cheaper alcohol is available.


Reports say Pernod Ricard has finally sold the Dalwood-Wyndham wine estate at Branxton in the Hunter Valley. The price is not disclosed but TKR is sure it’s nowhere near the $70 million plus the French group paid for the Wyndham Estate Company in 1990 then owned by Brian McGuigan.

The big Mac is one of those blokes who would be described by my old mum as someone who, if fell in a barrel of manure, would come up smelling roses. The Mac aside what a cock-up Pernod Ricard has made of the Wyndham Estate brand. It could have been so much more, instead it floats around in limbo neither fish nor fowl.

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