Brit’s poor buggers served Bud Light

Poor buggers

Suffer the Brits, poor buggers. From The Drinks Business, 24 February:

“InBev is bringing Bud Light to Britain tomorrow in ‘the biggest ever brand launch’ by the brewer.”

The article says there is a demand in the UK for a beer that has a lighter taste. Light? Any taste in Bud Light would be a bonus.

According to AB InBev marketing director for the UK and Ireland, Nick Robinson, Bud Light will

“inject energy and excitement into the UK beer category”.

TKR thinks Robinson must be on work experience from the local comprehensive school.

What the…

What the (strong expletive) was TKR’s reaction on reading in the Global Times, “The Chinese wine ‘Noble Dragon’, produced by the Changyu Pioneer Wine winery, has sold over 100,000 bottles during its first 10 months on sale in Spain.”

Spain is producing more wine than it can drink, with bulk exports leaving the country at 50 cents a litre, or less. France is across the Pyrenees, Italy across the Mediterranean, and the Spanish are drinking imported Chinese wine?

According to reports, Noble Dragon is to be launched by UK supermarket chain, Sainsbury’s, making Britain the sixth European country to sell the brand, after Germany, Denmark, Holland, Switzerland, and Spain. Un-(strong expletive)-believable

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