Brown empire ever expanding, TWE truly global

Browns branch out

It’s been announced this past week that the branch of the Brown family (Eliza, Angela and Nicholas Brown, fourth generation) that owns the All Saints and St Leonards wine brands, plus tasting venues, restaurant, wine bar etc in Rutherglen, has acquired the National Trust classified Mount Ophir winery. Mount Ophir is a reception and accommodation centre and fits in well with the rest of the Brown empire.

Looking at the Mount Ophir website, there is a lovely bit of nonsense on the glory days of the winery:

“The wine bore the royal seal of England and was transported via rail to port and then via steam ships to ‘the mother country’ to satisfy the palate of British aristocracy.”

TKR doubts if the wine went to the aristocracy; more likely to old ladies enjoying a tonic.

TWE teams up with football club

It is a global world when one reads that an Australian company (Treasury Wine Estates) has partnered with an English football team (Manchester City) to sell a wine in China.

TWE, via the Wolf Blass brand, has a sponsorship deal with Manchester City. A cabernet shiraz blend carries a special label using the club’s colours and logo.

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