Bull to NASA, Doctors, Home Office anti alcohol

“Bull to NASA,” says Erl Happ, proprietor of Happs Wines in Margaret River. Happ has strong views on climate and has left a comment here on the TKR website. It’s worth reading and adding comment if you so wish.

There are two lengthy articles this week that I fear may be considered boring, but I urge readers to make the effort. Alcohol is under fierce attack from the health lobby and police authorities. Wine is in the firing line both here and in the UK.

Domestically, the argument is about the cheapness of cask wine, with the nemeses being the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) and The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (RANZCP). In the UK the Home Office is linking alcohol with crime.

My wine reviews, which, according to the analytics, are well read, this week include three chardonnays, three pinot noirs and three grenache wines.

Wine Australia has released its State of Australian Wine report. It’s an interesting read and we look at its pros and cons in the Australian Wine News section.

Yet another wine column has gone. For six years Winsor Dobbin wrote the wine column and reviews for The Sunday Examiner in Tasmania, now he has been told the paper no longer has a budget for contributors. Dobbin told TKR,

“As only 60 of the 160 odd producers in Tasmania get product to the mainland, local winemakers have been robbed of one of the few opportunities they had to get reviews – hence why I have launched a new blog,” http://www.tasmanianwineonline.blogspot.com.au 

It really is a disgrace when a local paper in a noted wine region decides not to run any local wine content. The paper is going to run Chris Shanahan’s three reviews from the Canberra Times, which they probably don’t have to pay for so Shanahan won’t benefit. Shanahan is a respected critic but his reviews like mine rarely feature Tasmanian wines as they are not available off the island.

Easter is over and the Australian winter is approaching, with spring edging into the UK and east coast of the US. The wine media will also change with the seasons: winter warmer wines will appear in Australia, while the UK will change to wines for spring-summer and champagne/sparkling wine articles.

Until next week, stay safe.


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