Californian girls scrap tax on pads put it on alcohol

Go Girls

TKR fully supports Californian Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia, who is not impressed with Governor Jerry Brown’s veto of legislation that would have eliminated sales tax on feminine hygiene products. 

Brown’s argument was the Californian budget really couldn’t afford to lose the estimated US$300 million feminine hygiene products contribute to the state coffers. Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia along with Assemblywomen Lorena Gonzalez went looking for other products that extra tax could be levied on to make up the US$300 million. 

They came up with raising tax on hard liquor from US$3.30 to US$4.50 a gallon (US$1.19 litre). Their argument being it hadn’t been increased since 1991 and the new amount would make up for any hygiene deficit.   

They have a good argument because keeping pace with inflation would meant the 1991 figure of $3.30 should today be US$5.90.    

Garcia came up with this quote, “No one claims liquor is a basic necessity of life. My period is not optional. There is no happy hour for menstruation.”

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