Casella scrabbling for Barossa recognition

Casella, which acquired Peter Lehmann in 2014, has authorised a new marketing campaign for the brand in the domestic market.

The campaign may or may not be of any real help, but it’s good to see the brand being given a push. It could also do with a push in the US, but perhaps that is in hand.

The media blub says:

“The campaign was built on two key consumer insights: knowing the target consumer wants to feel connected to the wine’s story and the belief that hand-crafted wines are more premium and sophisticated.”

This is true, but basic, in fact very basic as it applies to all wine. Casella’s definition of hand-crafted would make interesting reading. Does it fit with the cost-cutting measures they are considering at Peter Lehmann Wines?

Another stating of the obvious was this, attributed to Michael Sergeant, marketing manager of Casella Family Brands.

“Today our winemaking family includes growers and pickers, viticulturists and winemakers; and thanks to the skill and passion of each and every one of these individuals we are able to produce incredible wines that showcase the very best of the region.”

It’s hard to think of a winery that doesn’t involve growers, pickers, viticulturists and winemakers, but let’s move on.

Sergeant reckons this campaign will help tell the story of Casella’s “deep history in the Barossa”. True, Peter Lehmann, the man and family, had and still have deep Barossa roots, but Peter Lehmann the brand has only been going since the 1980s. As for Casella’s Barossa roots, as far as Lehmann is concerned, these only go back to 2014.

One has to smile, maybe cry.

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