Chardonnay top’s, Ausies storming New York

Still favourite

Chardonnay remains the big favourite in the US. The 2015 vintage report for California shows it represented 16.4 per cent of all grapes crushed. In off-sales it represented 21 per cent of all wines sold. Cabernet sauvignon was in second place with 14 per cent of off-sales.

Aussie eats in the Big Apple

An article in FSR Magazine by Gary M Stern, on August 16, said:

“Australian eateries have cropped up in a slew of neighbourhoods in Manhattan…

“Aussies fit right into New York City’s multicultural environment, and their good cheer and entrepreneurial spirit blend into the city’s ethos. Their food is distinctive and many Aussie eateries create a bonhomie that stressed-out New Yorkers crave.

“New York restaurant consultant Clark Wolf says New Yorkers are attracted to Down Under eateries because ‘they offer the best ingredients’ and that often boils down to ‘seafood, seafood, and more seafood’.”  It’s worth a read

Anyone for another Guinness?

Guinness is Guinness. That is, it’s dark ale with a creamy head. As a brand it’s globally recognised and has performed very well, first for the Guinness family, and then, through various mergers, in the Diageo company.

Both company and family history are fascinating, but not for this article. Having such a strong identity, the word Guinness is bonded entirely with the dark fermented liquid. This has stopped brand extensions reaching the heights of the original Guinness.

But the Guinness family and Diageo have had an experimental section as part of the Dublin St James’s Gate brewery for over a century, and recently the doors have been opened to the public.

The small brewery develops brews that get distributed to pubs. No doubt Diageo is hoping one of the new releases will one day (sooner than later) be another Guinness.

Last word

Last word this week is a headline from an article in The Telegraph (UK) on August 15:

“Squirrel invades Tesco, launches itself at a customer’s back and refuses to leave the wine aisle.” 

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