Cheap global beer, Aus beer not doing well

Cheap drunk

From the Wales Online website we get the best value beers around the world. The original article also included hamburgers, but we spare you the full chunder chuck:

Beers for ten quid


Australia didn’t fare well in this year’s World Beer Cup. We entered 111 brews but only got one gold and one silver. Only 1.8 per cent of Australian entries claimed award-winning medals, meaning we were flattened by:

  • Japan (6.7 per cent)
  • Germany (6.4 per cent)
  • UK (5.3 per cent)
  • US (4.8 per cent).

Our top winners were James Squire’s The Swindler Summer Ale, which picked up gold in the English-Style Summer Ale category, and Stone & Wood Pacific Ale, which got silver in the same class.

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