Chuck Hayward’s Tasman Commentaries

Just the one entry in the international media section this week. TKR is directing its readers to the review site Chuck Hayward’s Tasman Commentaries. Chuck is and has been a great supporter of Australian wine in the USA, several reviews and articles all worth reading i.e.

“It’s hard to describe what it was like back in the day, back when Australian wines were totally new to us in America. Think about it: tasting new styles of wines, new expressions of grapes for the very first time. At a time when many varietals and regions were well known by the trade and by consumers, the immersion into an unknown world of tastes and aromas was the enological equivalent of diving into a pool with blinders on from the high board, just less scary.”

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  1. Claim to fame: I take responsibility for Chuck’s obsession with Australian wines, having sold him his first Australian wines when he was wine buyer for The Jug Shop in San Francisco in 1986 😉

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