Cono Sur, Sulking Constellation and Eric Asimov

Chuckle: French winemakers are up in arms over Chilean winery Cono Sur’s sponsorship of the Tour de France. Now the New Zealanders are miffed that New Zealand brand Mud House, owned by Accolade Wines, is sponsoring the British and Irish Lions rugby team for the 2017 tour of New Zealand.

Sulking: Although Constellation Brands holds a 30 per cent stake in Accolade Wines they don’t appear to do a lot for any of the portfolio in the USA. Instead the company prefers to push the Italian Ruffino brand, having increased sales 75 per cent since 2011 and now running at 1.1 million cases. Are they still in a sulk because they so royally screwed up the Australian sector?

Not enough: The International Wine and Spirits Research (IWSR) has announced global wine consumption is expected to rise 1.4 per cent from 2015 to 2019. As it fell 0.1 per cent between 2010-2015 it’s not overwhelming news.

Those youngsters: “Wine trade must increase focus on millennials to preserve its future,” was the heading of an article written by Martin Green and published in Off Licence News, 11 March. Some points:

Retailers say suppliers are not doing enough to attract millennial consumers. Breaking that down 79 per cent felt this way, 5 per cent were unsure and 16 per cent said suppliers were doing enough.

A spokesperson for Gallo said bringing fun to its labelling and marketing was important. This was counteracted by Michael Moriarty, commercial director at Boutinot, who warned about dumbing down wine too much.

Accolade has driven growth among millennials with Echo Falls Fruit Fusions. Accolade Wines’ Marketing Director, Amy White said: “The younger, millennial consumer is always looking for something new to experiment with and Echo Falls Fruit Fusions offers this in an easier drinking, sweeter style.”

It’s a fine line, dumbing down or encouraging millennials to take the first step on the wine ladder?

Last word: From a New York Times article by Eric Asimov titled “Eli Zabar’s Wine Cellar: It’s Not Chopped Liver”:

“I’ve never liked Bordeaux — I never liked the cabernet grape,” he [Eli Zabar] said.

He said he doesn’t know enough about German wines to sell them, and carries wine from only one American producer, Hermann J Wiemer of the Finger Lakes, because he loves the riesling.

2 thoughts on “Cono Sur, Sulking Constellation and Eric Asimov”

  1. “Fun to labelling” versus “dumbing down” – is this any different to marketing to we Baby Boomers? Are people really that different? In my experience, the so-called millennials are more conservative than their parents!

    1. True Richard, how many of our generation became parents after wooing or being wooed with a dinner of, prawn cocktail, stake Diane and baked Alaska washed down with a bottle of Blue Nun Ben Ein or Mateus Rose? Do generations really change that much?

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