Craft brewers whinge about tax they don’t pay

Sympathetic, well…

TKR is sympathetic to craft brewers that want to sell their beer in less than 50-litre kegs. Tax is levied at the pure alcohol rate of $34 a litre, but only if it’s in a 50-litre keg. Anything less and it’s $40 a litre.

Sympathy wanes a little when one considers the price that craft beer commands. But good luck to the brewers. It’s the wine industry that has ground its prices down to zilch.

We did smile at the indignant statement of Pat McInerney, co-owner of the Willie the Boatman brewery, in a recent interview with the ABC:

“That’s not GST, that’s not payroll tax; that’s just a tax on the booze that we’ve sold that month.”

Would it be unfair to say that if the brewery is paying that tax, then it’s tax that it has passed on to its customers (bars/restaurants), who in turn have passed it on to their customers?

Down the pan

It looks as if LE PAN Media has gone down the pan, having put up the shutters on its website with a note: “We have suspended publication for the time being.”

LE PAN lasted less than two years. In March 2015 it put out a media release saying it was to become the leading voice in the world of fine wine.

The media release was full of self-important bullshit. The publisher and CEO was Jeannie Cho Lee MW. She lasted about a year. The media release contained:

It is the only consumer wine magazine to have six Masters of Wine and a roster of renowned wine professionals on board.  

Review a vast array of fine wines including rare vintages not available to other publications.   

The wine to lifestyle ratio will be 80:20, giving wine collectors a broader perspective on their passions in life, whether food, art, fashion, design, collecting cars or watches, or adventurous travel – all the accoutrements of modern-day fine living. will be an immediate force in the digital space. The website will be the first to offer a completely bilingual wine database with ratings and reviews of over 10,000 fine wines. 

Weekly tastings will be conducted by experts dedicated to uncovering the rising stars of each region. The website, in English and in Chinese, also brings breaking news in the world of fine wine, trends, food and wine pairing, and lifestyle content not found in the magazine.

It was all too much snobby wank, and all the worst aspects of wine that appeal to those who have a lot of money and little taste.

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