Delisting Trump wines disaster, Chinese back door

Trump triumphs

In last week’s news the National Organisation for Women was putting pressure on Wegmans supermarket to delist wines made at the Trump winery. The publicity has had the effect of the wines selling out in some stores. Hard to convince the buyers at Wegmans to scrap the range if it’s making money on quick turnover.

Chinese figure skating

Various articles in the media this past week have said the official Wine Australia export figures to China, which are put at $520 million, are in fact over $700 million due to a lot of wine coming from third countries in Europe and South-East Asia.

Sticky fingers

According to an article in The Sydney Morning Herald by Cameron Houston, Roslyn Grundy and Chris Vedelago on 20 February, one of the new darlings of the Australian wine scene might have sticky fingers.

According to the article, Lak Quach, a dux at the Len Evans Tutorial 2013, is “under investigation by his employer, Melbourne wholesaler Cellarhand, over claims he stole up to $300,000 worth of wine while working as a specialist buyer”.

It’s unclear if the police have become involved. Quach was also involved with James Halliday’s Australian Wine Companion but has been distanced from the publication.

The article also had comments from friends saying what a nice bloke Quach is. Maybe so, but if one dips one’s fingers in the till and the drawer snaps closed, one has to accept the pain.

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