Don Lewis tributes, Accolade Wines & Easter

A great many kind words and tributes to Don Lewis have been posted and shared privately. I do not know any of Don’s family but if any reader does please forward the link above so they can add these tributes to others they have received. I enjoyed this from Brian Miller, headed, “Before there were Parker Points, there was the Don Lewis score”:

“How’s the Marsanne looking, Don?” 

  • “Not bad”
  • “Good”
  • “Pretty Good”
  • “Real Good”
  • “Really Good”

Indulgent of me, I know, but I couldn’t resist having another say about terroir. Read it in Australian Wine News.

Accolade Wines is going through interesting times. We wonder if its master, CHAMP Private Equity, has missed the boat in realising the amount on money it expected to bank from the full sale or public listing that was cancelled this year.

Has Aldi lost its golden status in Australia? Fascinating to read in that organ of truth and intelligent journalism, the Daily Mail Australia, that the German discounter’s shine may be tarnished.

“The honeymoon is over! Aldi struggles to gain new customers – as Coles and Woolworths finally woo back shoppers,” writes Sinead McLaughlin.

Ms McLaughlin bases her article on a UBS report that puts Coles ahead of Woolworths, with Aldi third, according to a survey in which 1000 consumers rated the supermarkets. Aldi’s shopper visitation growth was slowing, the report found.

Will the trend continue? We will have to wait and see.

I believe it’s Easter this weekend, and school holidays are underway. This will be confirmed by the staggered readership of TKR or indeed some who may skip this weeks’ edition due to getting away from work and indulging in fun. It’s also probably the reason several families were on the beach at Byron this week. If going away, do enjoy yourself, but stay safe. The roads can be manic in holiday periods. If you’re staying home, relax and enjoy.


Good karma



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