Donkey cheese hits London, Aldi increases prices

Kick-ass cheese

Dear old Dobbin the donkey has been upgraded. She is now the source for a pedigree cheese. Donkey cheese has arrived in London, made at just one farm in the Zasavica Nature Reserve, Serbia. It’s called Pule and costs £880 a kilo.

Its selling points include being high in protein, calcium and omega 3 fatty acids, all considered beneficial for maintaining cardiovascular health.

Any recommendations for wine to accompany Pule are welcome.

From donkey milk in cheese to other healthy milk: Frankie McCoy writing in the Evening Standard (UK) encourages readers to opt for water buffalo milk, which is “lower in cholesterol than even regular cow’s milk, with approximately 10 per cent more protein”.

There is also cheese, ice cream and chocolate made from buffalo milk.

Aldi going bananas

Aldi UK has increased the price of bananas and milk due to the fall of the UK pound. A four-pint bottle of milk has increased 4 per cent to 99p ($1.67), which puts Aldi equal with Asda and just a penny behind Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and Tesco. Bananas have increased 6 per cent. Naturally, the other supermarkets are delighted to be closing the gap with the German discounters. It’s not clear if wine will become involved but expect pressure to keep prices low.

Golden Diamond

White Diamond wine from Longview Estate has gone up from NZ$30 to NZ$598 a bottle this year, according to a report in the media last week announced

This raised a smile at TKR HQ, as there is a cider called Diamond White that is much loved by UK folk with an alcohol addiction who are less fortunate then the majority.

The New Zealand wine is said to be made from niagara, an American hybrid cross of concord and cassady. It can be found on the east coast, where its main use is for table grapes. Its use at Longview is to make a fruity sweet wine.

The reason for the vast price increase is the winery being taken over by a group of local and Chinese investors early this year, and the wine finding a market and reputation in China. Perhaps it’s the perfect partner to donkey cheese.

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