Hospitals, Mollydooker and Britain’s alcohol guidelines

Though I said there wouldn’t be a TKR this week, I’ve managed to cobble one together. It’s short and not as up to date as the normal weekly offering, as I had to have it ready on Sunday before I submitted myself to the medical profession.

I only had buggered lungs before I entered hospital. The thought of what I might leave with makes me shudder. I’ve never seen so many sick people, let alone spent time surrounded by them.

Back to TKR: I thought it unfair to take two weeks off so have put this edition together. There will not be one next week – that’s a certainty – so I will see you (metaphorically) the week after.

By then, the export figures to the end of March should be out, and will, I’m sure, make fascinating reading.

This week’s edition includes a review of an article published in Off Licence News (UK). It is worth reading. A link is provided. Some of what people say is very good, some is tired rhetoric and some is pure nonsense.

Why we need an Australian wine month baffles me, but if it keeps the God-fearing patriots happy, so be it. I have reviewed wines from around the country to show the vast array that is available. No doubt people will read the reviews while sipping on a glass of NZ sauvignon blanc.

The Mollydooker (MD) wines originate from McLaren Vale. I will be honest and say the style is not one that appeals to me. Yet it is a style that is adored in the US, and for years the growth in the higher-priced segments that Wine Australia enjoys pointing out has been generated by the powerful MD wines, along with Penfolds and a couple of others. This week one of the founders of MD, Sparky Marquis, departs Mollydooker, with the company being taken over by his business partner and ex-wife Sarah. We have an in-depth interview with Sarah.

The Spectator (UK) has a revealing article headed, “No wonder Britain’s alcohol guidelines are so extreme – just look at who drafted them”.

It’s worth reading.

Good karma,


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