Final: The Key Report for 2016, happy Christmas

The final TKR for 2016. What a year. I won’t be the only one who was shocked by Brexit and Donald Trump’s victory in the USA. Nor will I be alone in despairing at the cruelty and terror that humans have inflicted on their fellow humans.

On a humanitarian level, the pictograph below from the United Nations Commission on Human Rights (UNCHR) says it all. How smug are we at keeping all these scheming, greedy, “only want the dole” people out of the lucky country.

Leaving politics, it was encouraging to see Australian wine export figures climb above $2 billion again. But I remain uneasy about the industry as a whole.

Whatever profit there is in the wine industry, it needs to increase. It’s wrong that a bottle of craft beer or cider can be more expensive than a bottle of wine. As for trendy water outpricing wine, that is ridiculous.

Profit for all can only be achieved with increased retail prices, which in turn should result in increased grape prices. Then, the shysters and the greedy aside, the majority of people in the wine industry should find stability.

Unfortunately, I do not see this happening, and foresee more misery and pain, especially in the grower sector.

This week’s TKR is a look back on the year’s events.

The coming year holds plenty of excitement for the wine industry. Let’s hope it works the right way for all.

The Key Report should survive due to the generosity of its sponsors. For your support I thank you deeply. Fortunately, I live in a beautiful part of a wonderful country. My needs are simple and I manage to live within a very small budget.

For those who believe in Christ and the myth of Christmas, I wish you peace and enjoyment in this, your holy time. For those who hold different faiths, I wish you well for the summer and when your holy times come around. For the non-devout but believers in life, love and fun, be safe in this period of excess.

TKR will return on 19 January.











2 thoughts on “Final: The Key Report for 2016, happy Christmas”

  1. Thanks TK for your interesting reading during the year and I hope you and yours have a great Christmas and that 2017 gives us all a better future.

    Cheers, Cheryle and David

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