France upset with Spanish wine looking French

France vs Spain 

The winemakers of the southern French region of Montpellier are again up in arms about Spanish wine imports. According to the union, French consumers are being conned by Spanish wine dressed to look French on supermarket shelves. 

It’s really down to the supermarket buyers who import the wine and retail it. All is correct under EU law, but making it look French is rather sneaky.  

The Montpellier mob is not a happy bunch. Supermarkets have been raided and the Spanish wine destroyed, with a wine tanker emptied, and an explosion or two at wine merchants held responsible for importing the wine.     

Randall revival  

Treasury Wine Estates put the McLaren vale Ryecroft winey on the market in 2014, there it remained maybe not unloved by locals and past workers but it was unwanted until this month when serial winery renovator Warren Randall got hold of it.  

Maybe TWE were asking too much, TKR is sure Randall wouldn’t have paid over the odds for it, in fact we would say it’s been hanging on the TWE books for too long and they would have been pleased to get rid of it.    

It’s reported Randall’s plans are to restore the winery to a former glory maybe revive the brand possibly add a restaurant. We shall see what happens and something will happen, Randall not being one to twiddle thumbs, he’s a committee of one, thinks quickly and acts fast.  

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