The good guys Casella lift dinner time

Wheel it in 

A feel-good story from Cootamundra Meals on Wheels. Cootamundra is a small town (population 5600) in the Riverina. Casella, which is possibly larger than the town, has donated piccolos (187ml) of Yellow Tail sauvignon blanc, chardonnay and shiraz to go with the meals. 

It’s not a one-off. Casella says it’s for an indefinite period. TKR thinks it a wonderful gesture and would like to see other wine companies do the same.  

In Cootamundra about 20 people who have taken up the offer of wine with their meal. Casella is not the only company that makes this work. A local transport company, Green Gables Transport, picks up the wine from Griffith and delivers it to Cootamundra at no charge. 

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  1. Tony,
    Cootamundra is not the only town that this occurs. Griffith Meals on Wheels which delivers approx 300 meals per week to those that need it also benefits from the wine offer from Casella Family Brands.

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