Grange, Vasse Felix, Stoppers & Tasmanian sparklers

The West Australian, 6 October, Ray Jordan

Unfortunately, age is the problem — my age. By the time the 2012 [Grange] reaches the end of its suggested peak drinking range in 2055, I will have well and truly pulled my last cork on this most famous of Australian wines or be slurping it with the big fella upstairs.

With a recommended retail price of $850 a bottle — yes, a bottle — a generous angel might be the only way I will get my next drink of what is one of the finest Granges I have tasted. Full article

M2Woman, 3 October, Greg Sinclair

This is another great Aussie red, but this time from the Northern parts of the Murray River.

The winery was named after a legendary helmsman Thomas Timothèe Vasse who was lost at sea in 1801 and rumored to have lived among the Australian Aboriginals. The winery, established in the late 1960s by Dr Tom Cullity, was named Vasse Felix, meaning ‘lucky/happy’ Vasse.

Vasse Felix 2014 Filius Cabernet Merlot

The long hot Aussie summer with consistent, almost rhythmic temperature patterns throughout the ripening season has ensured optimum ripeness and delivered a beautifully rounded blend. The touch of merlot delivers a deep maroon colour and with gorgeous complexities provided by maturation in French oak barriques. With elevated bright perfumes of pomegranate, cassis and a cranberry jelly with rustic earthy tones of native Australian forest and red dust. The enticing complexity shows a touch of tomato leaf, cumin and steamed cedar wood.

The palette has a lovely vibrant entrance with fresh juicy fruit, bright acidity, fine tight dry tannins and floral and cranberry nuances. A long, direct palate flows, finishing with savoury notes of sage and dried oregano and some raspberry jelly sweetness.

Drinks Business, 4 October, Lauren Eads

Penfolds’ chief winemaker does not believe screwcaps are the future of closures, at least in the higher end of the market, revealing that the company is now investigating glass as the best alternative to cork for some of its bottles. Full article

NT News, 1 October, Jessica Howard,

Tassie wines are simply sparkling

Going back just 40 years, wine enthusiasts would have been hard-pressed to find Tasmanian sparkling on local restaurant wine menus. Full article

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    1. I can go with that Gage, the part I didn’t understand was “This is another great Aussie red, but this time from the Northern parts of the Murray River.”

      The lad is getting confused between Arthur and Martha, or in this case Murray and Marg

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