Grown man crying, shiraz shenanigans

Grown man crying

The grown man being me. It’s a short report this week due to the death of my laptop. On Saturday I spent the day buying and setting up a new one. On Sunday I spent the day getting ahead with this TKR as on Tuesday I had to be in Brisbane. On Monday I tried to open the Word document that I had worked on, but it failed. Tears indeed.

Shiraz shenanigans

We received plenty of comments on last week’s article about the $5.3 million that Wine Australia (WA) is spending on researching shiraz terroir or should that be shenanigans. Some extracts:

“Huge congratulations on your expose on the misguided waste of money by WA on the terroir research. Keep it up! Isn’t this the same Brian Croser who in the ’90s ensured the boundaries of the Coonawarra GI were irrevocably perverted by ensuring that his own Petaluma vineyards, which were NOT on the terra rossa soil, nevertheless were ruled within the GI’s final boundaries? This made a mockery of the relevance of terra rossa as a factor in the terroir of the GI.”

There were a few comments asking why WA deputy chair Croser had remained silent on the research funding. And some in his defence. TKR would love to hear from him any time he wishes to write.

From another reader:

“First of all can I say how much I love your newsletter and what great work you do. This week’s analysis of Wine Australia is one of the best pieces of independent wine journalism I have read for a very long time.”

Also coming my way last week was an article on grenache being a better variety than shiraz in Australia. It was written by Giles Cooke MW and it’s worth reading here

Yellow Tail: super or silly?

The Yellow Tail Super Bowl commercial inspired lots of back and forth chat this past week. Many wine industry people didn’t like it. But it wasn’t aimed at people with wine knowledge. It was aimed at people without. A summary of the chat is in the Australian Wine News section.

Good Karma


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