Heartfelt gratitude for sponsors, its all about me

Sponsors, heartfelt gratitude

Genuine heartfelt thanks to all Key Report sponsors. It’s wonderful that you support TKR, as your sponsorship makes news, opinion and wine reviews available to all those who hold deep and broad interest in the wine industry but are not suckered by sycophantic articles and flattering wine reviews.

In this era of fake news, marketing hype and lazy reporting there is a solid, growing core of people who are interested in informed news: people who enjoy robust debate and questioning of the status quo. True, on occasion I get it wrong, but more often TKR ignites debate and surely that has to be applauded.

It’s been a disappointing week because a couple of sponsorships have been withdrawn, one of which had been ongoing since TKR was established. This is especially disappointing as I think it’s a sulky response from the new CEO to some articles that have been less than complimentary over the past year.

I would like to take this opportunity to say to this CEO and any other sponsor feeling sorry for themselves that though I live on an income that is less than most TKR readers pay in income tax, and my budget is extremely tight, I’m buggered if I’m going to suckle at the corporate breast or kiss an institution’s arse for the sake of financial reward.

This is how TKR operates: I accept samples for review but rarely go on junkets (one in the past 18 months). I do not attend product launches. Sometimes I go to a lunch if it happens to be in my region. I never attend black-tie dinners. In truth, I and TKR cost the industry very little, and a sulky, small-minded individual will not deter me from expressing my opinion.

If any new, or indeed old, sponsors who still believe in free speech, opinion and robust debate want to take up, renew or increase sponsorship, it would be great to hear from you.

PS: I wrote the above on Sunday. On Monday I received an email offering a new sponsorship. Thank you, new sponsor. But read on.

Another reason for writing about sponsorship is I’m in a quandary. Keeping it short, and in bullet form:

  • I have a serious lung condition.
  • I have recently been invited to spend four days in hospital (in May) for a final assessment, which, should I pass, will result in a lung transplant.
  • Should I get accepted for a transplant, I could be out of action for three to six months.

If I’m put on the transplant list there is no knowing when the call will come. It could be from this June to November next year. But the most likely period is some time this calendar year.

Ethically, I feel I should not ask for new or renewal of sponsorships if TKR ceases production for three to six months.

The difficulty for me: as I live on such a low budget, and my outgoings will be increased as I will have to move to Brisbane for several months, I can’t really afford the drop in income.

Quite rightly it’s not anybody’s problem but mine and mine alone.

After much internal debate I have decided to continue to send out invoices as sponsorships become due, but if any of you wish to withhold, that is fine. I will make contact when TKR returns. I will keep you informed if I get on the transplant list. Also, someone will inform everyone if and when I get the call and the period of non-TKR begins.


Good karma




12 thoughts on “Heartfelt gratitude for sponsors, its all about me”

  1. Hi, Tony.
    Long-time listener, first-time caller, as the expression goes. Hope you get the news you want as soon as possible and you can continue to kick corporate arse rather than kiss it. Integrity is a rare value in this somewhat graceless age. It is something I have long admired you for. I’ll await your next report (either wine-wise or health-wise) with the same bated breath I fear you are currently suffering. And I raise a glass in your general direction.
    David Mackrell (introduced through Jenny Stonier).

  2. Dear Tony, sorry to hear about your illness, I was shocked after following your posts of fitness and meditation with interest for quite some time. Our thoughts and prays are with you during this difficult time. If I can personally do anything to assist you, please ask.
    Best wishes, Paul

  3. Good on you for sticking to your morals, you just can’t please all of the people all of time! I often have to remind people with my wine that a review, score and or comment is simply the thoughts of one or a handful of people. Sometimes you win, some don’t. Keep on, keeping on and all the best with the health! Campbell

    1. Thank you Campbell, I always think the harshest judgment is not from others but when one looks in the mirror. If one can’t be honest with what is looking back, well…

  4. You may have a bung lung but you have the “guts” to tell it like it is. All the best and wishing you a speedy recovery so you can get back giving us real news. Cheers David

    1. Kind words David, I thank you for them. I must admit sometimes I wish I was better known as a ‘good bloke’ rather than grumpy arse kicker, but what the hell its a job needs doing

  5. Hi Tony

    Best wishes on the journey ahead with your lung condition. This is coming to you from the Psych Ward of the Bendigo Hospital! With a month ahead receiving ECT there will be no Vintage for me this year, though collecting some extremely positive reports from out there in the vineyard and cellar.

    Always pleased to get your report, helping me stay connected.

    All the best

    Cameron Atkins

    1. Thanks Cameron

      I’m more concerned about what you are going through, I live a long way away but if you want to reach out via direct e-mail I am there.


  6. Hi Tony,
    Best wishes and as always shoot from the hip and tell us as it is. Good luck with your health and every day we wake up has to be a friggin great day.

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