Homage to Grange, pistols at dawn and faux wine

Great comment

The Drinks Business, on May 31, ran an interview with Jean-Guillaume Prats, the head of Moët Hennessy’s wine division, covering the release of Ao Yun, the company’s Chinese cabernet sauvignon-dominant wine produced in the Tibetan foothills.

Prats said: “My dream is that it’s a new Grange Hermitage… a wine that’s been created with no rules or boundaries.”

It’s a great comment, showing respect to Penfolds Grange. Australian wine needs all the respect it can get.

Barossa scrap

The bucolic Barossa Valley is about to be the setting of pistols at dawn as the Hill-Smith family, via its offshoot Samuel Smith and Son, is in dispute with the mighty French firm Pernod Ricard.

The scrap is over the use of the word “signature” on labels. The Yalumba Signature brand has been around for decades. Pernod Ricard, via Jacob’s Creek, has introduced “Signature” on its Jacob’s Creek Reserve Barossa Signature range.

Lighten up

Good news for Finland’s alcohol consumers: the three governing parties have agreed to lighten up on the country’s strict alcohol regulations. Changes include allowing retail sales of stronger drinks in grocery shops, microbreweries and restaurants.

Not wine

When is a wine not a wine? According to Accolade marketing manager Travis Fuller, it appears to be when it’s a fruit-infused wine, as in an interview with The Shout:

“Fuller suggests that retailers display fruit-infused wines either in the fridge beside the likes of cider or craft beer, or on separate display stacks off-location away from wines. As such, Accolade has developed off-location display units.”

TKR thinks this is an insult to craft beer and quality cider, though a lot of cider is an insult to cider.

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