Key Wine Reviews

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International Chardonnay Day fizzer, great Chardonnay wines

I think some of these wines were sent for review to coincide with International Chardonnay Day on 25 May. What a fizzer that was. Is any date in the year given to a variety or style of wine worth time and effort? I’m not convinced varieties, like saints, need a ...
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Champagne through pinot gris & beyond

A mixed bunch I try to arrange tastings in groups, and when transferring the notes to publication also run a theme. But there are always wines that miss out or didn’t fit at the time, so now and then I offer a mixed bunch. Here’s one of them. Hatt et ...
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The wonder of McLaren Vale shines yet again

McLaren Vale shines yet again One white and heaps of red wines, its not my pick just what turns up for review. The industry harmonises itself with consumer requirements. White/rose/sparkling in spring summer and reds/fortified in winter. Personally I’ve not really followed seasonal trends in drinking I'm just as happy ...
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Family producers show their wares

Keep it in the family Two families: one based in the Adelaide Hills the other in the Mornington Peninsula. Both make good wine, and importantly care deeply for the land under their care. Need more be said? Paradigm Hill Mornington Peninsula Riesling 2016: Light on the nose but clean. A ...
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Merlot and rieslings wines reviewed

Why merlot and riesling? I had a lot of untasted merlot and riesling on the bench. In the main merlot is not a grape I care for when it’s solo and please don’t write saying what about Château Petrus? Its so many years since I drank even tasted Petrus I ...
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The nitty-gritty end of wine retailing

Nitty-gritty wine retailing There are plenty of wines retailing at less than $20 it’s the nitty-gritty end of retailing and the most important. Enter any Dan’s or First Choice store, and the selection is huge. Add Aldi and stores such as The Bottle-O and Cellarbrations, and there is no suburb ...
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New Zealand brand Stoneleigh reviews

Heart of stone Stoneleigh is a brand of New Zealand wine owned by French company Pernod Ricard. Brand is the focal word here. It could be butter or beans but it happens to be wine, and is owned by a company that is a noted brand owner. The company and ...
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Sweet rose and mature prices

Sweet rose It’s a misleading heading (sorry) as its not sweet rose wine reviews but a mix of sweet and rose wines. Auburn Hills Clare Valley Rose 2016: Part of the Mitchell family of wines this is the first rose under this banner. A deceptive wine, as on entry its ...
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Reviews: On and off-trade brands

On and off Two ranges of wine brands are reviewed this week: one strong in the off-trade, the other recently launched by the Geelong-based Scotchmans Hill winery for the on-trade. It’s ironic that the more famous a brand becomes, the less welcome it is in restaurants. Unfortunate but true: it ...
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May merry month for Australian wine

May we be grateful For reasons I’ve never fully understood, a couple of years (or possibly more) back, someone, some group, official body or whatever, thought there was a need to promote May as the month in which we are all grateful for Australian wines. As far as I can ...
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