Lady Sauvignon ragged mountain lover assignation

Points mean something but not everything the simple table below shows the price of the wine and the points I have given it. Without consulting the words just looking at the price/points ratio it makes sense to assume the best value wine is the Wykari only $26 yet 93 points. Seemingly the poor value wine is the Thompson at $90 for 95 points.

But read just some of the scrip accompanying each wine

Wykari: Oak on the nose and oak on the palate not loads but enough to make its presence known

Thompson: Mystery and seduction on one level with a solid calculating core backing it.

There is also quite a difference between each point in the 90 to 100 sector, I’ve explained it all before so will spare you this week. It’s also an argument that has been ongoing since the 80s when points first came to prominence and will continue. The lesson is don’t just look at the points read the commentary.

As to the great noble cabernet sauvignon its an offspring of an assignation between the fair maiden sauvignon blanc and the old wild man of the mountains cabernet franc. Some reports put Franc’s origin more Franco placing him in the Spanish Basque Country.

Cabernet sauvignon many not be as noble as it liked to think itself all the legend of Roman even Greek heritage being blown away by DNA profiling but it’s still a smart grape producing some very fine wine.

Enough chatter, to the wines. Three brackets of three wines each divided into years 2013-2016. All wines proclaiming cabernet sauvignon on the front label with no reference of any other grape blended in, such as merlot, shiraz, petit verdot or other.

Good drinking and good karma





This week’s players are

Triple thirteens

Thompson Estate ‘The Specialist’ Margaret River Cabernet Sauvignon 2013: For me a flowing nose, every time I thought I had it pinned it moved on. Sometimes just a fraction but enough to change and for me to chase.  Superb engineering each and every movement of the journey fitting precisely into the next as it smoothly leaves the last, it’s the classic iron fist in velvet glove. Mystery and seduction on one level with a solid calculating core backing it. 95 points and for those that have it worth $90
Churchview ‘The Bartondale’ Margaret River Cabernet Sauvignon 2013:  Same year same region not quite the same class of wine more aggression. Slightly burnt nose which did dissipate after a while so decanting recommended it shows ragged edges as it travels, tannins and fruit not in harmony and hot on the finish 91 points and pricy at $55
Oliver’s Taranga Vineyard ‘DJ’ McLaren Vale Cabernet Sauvignon 2013: Moving east from Margaret River to noted shiraz and grenache country McLaren Vale. Or put another way introducing a French theme, from Bordeaux to Rhone country. How will a cabernet from the same year and within the same price sector stack up? Powerful ripe black fruit nose soft on entry but as the fruit settles sweet oak comes to the fore in my opinion it could do with toning down. The oak maintains its presence all the journey. Making the assumption the oak will settle and let the quality fruit show through 92 now and more to come, to drink now $55 is pricy but to cellar may be another matter.

Triple fourteens

Mount Avoca ‘Black Block’ Victoria Cabernet Sauvignon 2014: It’s mainly if not all Pyrenees Fruit but it says Victoria on the label so that is what we must call it. Cool almost mint on the nose also cool in the mouth no richness to begin but then it unfolds and layers reveal themselves it’s a style I enjoy the more one toys with the wine the more it gives, 95 points and value at $47
Redman Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon 2014: Damp earth nose slightly feral which makes it interesting. On the palate it displays the strength that is Coonawarra cabernet it’s still young so 93 now and more down the track worth putting a few away at $33 bottle or less.
Wykari of Clare Cabernet Sauvignon 2014: Oak on the nose and oak on the palate not loads but enough to make its presence known, good fruit hopping around under the oak hopefully it will emerge. Giving it the benefit of doubt maybe there are points to come for now 93 and an OK price at $26

Triple fifteens

Highland Heritage ‘Orange Region’ Cabernet Sauvignon 2015: Pure blackcurrant on the nose and very slender on the palate it’s a wine that needs attention, don’t give it and the beauty could be missed. Its elegant and demands concentration 95 points pushing price at $55, as I think it needs to garner some reputation first but I admire the boldness of, ‘going for it’
Parker ‘Estate’ Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon 2015: Clean cabernet nose of blackcurrant and slight green leaf, flows across the palate in a measured way but not missing any pleasure points on the journey. The finish is just a tad short but no issue, its good Coonawarra cabernet and a remarkable price $24, 94 points
Pertaringa ‘Rifle & Hunt’ Adelaide Cabernet Sauvignon 2015: Vibrant on the nose, a lot going on and all smells enjoyable. Cool across the palate but an intriguing aftertaste, it left me wondering, I went back to it several times and I can’t find fault so its style. One I didn’t go for but not one I can criticise its well-made and acid/tannin/fruit are in balance so 94 points but that aftertaste wouldn’t best please me after paying $40, there again it may be just the taste others really enjoy.



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