Langton’s Auction House opens in Hong Kong

Not everyday prices

Woolworths has or had a campaign that promised something along the line of “everyday prices”. But not every part of Woolworths is committed to fighting the battle of bringing ketchup and baked beans to the masses at the lowest possible price.

Langton’s auction house and ever-increasing brokerage business is also part of Woolworths, and has recently opened Langton’s East Asia, based in Hong Kong. The new venture also includes the Pudao Wines and Adelaide Cellar Door businesses in Hong Kong and Macau.

Australian wines will feature highly, but not exclusively. The competition is fierce, with Sotheby’s, Christie’s, Berry Brothers & Rudd and others also operating in Hong Kong. The Langton’s boast is that it “will offer clients a level of personalised service and access as yet unseen in the Asian region”.

Woolworths also own Summergate Wines, a major player in the Chinese drinks distribution business via 11 registered offices across mainland China and offices in Hong Kong and Macau. What this means is all the required infrastructure is already in place for Langton’s to capitalise on.

More importantly, it means Australian wine has a respected auction house that will offer a better and wider range of wines backed with the knowledge and passion of the Langton’s crew. This will have a wider effect then just the wines Langton’s offers, either via auction or brokerage.

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