Lidi rejects Australia

Lidi out:

According to an article on the Starts at 60 website Lidi the large German competitor to Aldi will not be opening in Australia. If true it leaves the way clear for Aldi. No doubt Coles and Woolworths are pleased not to have another discounter pulling prices hence profits lower.

The reason given in the article was, “the competition is too strong and our population too small.”

Other news involving Lidi is its looking closer at Eastern Europe for wine additions countries mentioned in a recent interview include, Romania, Moldovia Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia and Bulgaria.

Ashley Armstrong interviewing Aldi UK and Ireland chief executive Matthew Barnes for an article in the Telegraph (UK) by 6 August writes,

“One of Aldi’s biggest claims is that people buy more at Aldi than any other supermarket but where it’s scoring bigger headlines is in luring more and more middle-class shoppers with cheap but award-winning wines, dry-aged steak and cut-price lobsters.”

“The middle-class charm offensive is going even further – Aldi will be soon introducing specialised veg and cauliflower rice alongside its quinoa and bean salads for the health-conscious consumer.”

Over in WA it’s looking as in the State’s liquor authority is taking a softer approach to Aldi and issuing liquor licences to some new stores

Profits brewing:

Japan’s big four brewers are holding their own with first half figures revealing

Suntory’s gross profit was up 14.0 percent from the previous year to ¥87.2 billion ($1.12 billion). Net profit was ¥35.6 billion. Sales increased 3 per cent ¥1.273 trillion.

Asahi’s sales increased 0.8 percent to ¥863.7 billion and operating profit was up 10.9 percent to ¥52.4 billion. Asahi’s net profit fell 27.7 per cent to ¥28.5 billion.

Kirin Holdings Co. rose just 1.5 percent to ¥58.8 billion with net profit up 2.1 per cent to ¥33.8 billion. Sales fell 5.8 percent to ¥1.01 trillion.

Sapporo reported sales of ¥248.9 billion, up 1.3 per cent, and an operating profit of ¥3.0 billion but net profit fell 60 per cent to ¥400 million.

All four companies are involved in wine to a greater or lesser extent

Brewing muscle

According to a report on 6 August

A student budget and a love of beer has landed Australian rower Chris Morgan at the Rio Olympics.”

“I never really envisioned myself being an elite athlete,” the South Australian said.

“I was looking for a way to avoid going to uni bar every afternoon and there was a comp on the ergometer to win a case of beer so I thought `You beauty’ and gave it a go and the rest is history.

“I’m damn glad they put on that case of beer.”

New Brew

Diageo is dropping Guinness from the title of its American beer business the new name is Diageo Beer Co. It’s an interesting move as it indicates Diageo is planning greater investment in the US beer market.

Also included in the Diageo US beer sector are alcopops, as Guinness sales are flat in the US and craft brewers are spring up at a rapid rate it may be the alcopop sector that will get the attention along with flavoured malt beverages and alcoholic soda.

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