Merlot and rieslings wines reviewed

Why merlot and riesling? I had a lot of untasted merlot and riesling on the bench. In the main merlot is not a grape I care for when it’s solo and please don’t write saying what about Château Petrus? Its so many years since I drank even tasted Petrus I cannot compare, anyhow one could buy a house in many parts of the world for the same price as a case of Petrus.

Seven wines made from merlot are reviewed below, points range from 90 to 95 they come from five regions with a couple of regional blends thrown in. Prices are from $18 to $40. The wines that did it for me were the Windowrie, Pertaringa and Parker Estate.

Six rieslings two from WA the remaining four from the Clare Valley one 2015 vintage the rest 2016. Tight pointing 90 to 94 the lower rankings due to the wines not yet showing what I consider to be riesling character. Interestingly I was speaking with another wine reviewer last week who said they loved the young tart slightly hard but fresh taste of young riesling.

The only lesson there being get to understand the reviewer’s palate and see if it’s in tune with yours. The prices are interesting ranging from $18 to $30. The wines that impressed me for drinking now was the Kilikanoon and both the Wykari wines. The wine that really impressed being the Pertaringa

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Allegiance Wines ‘The Artisan’ Coonawarra Merlot 2012: Fresh mulberry/plum nose easy on the palate no great distinction but no faults either 93 top end price at $40 would need a merlot lover to, love it.

Blue Pyrenees Estate Pyrenees Merlot 2014: Cool mint nose, lots of mineral character across the palate, fruit falls away towards the end, disjointed on the journey 90 points plenty of wine around at $26

Nut House Wine Co South Australia Merlot 2015: Easy on the nose and easy on the palate. It came, it went, and it made no mark of its presence 90 points lot of wine around at $18

Windowrie ‘The Mill’ Central Ranges Merlot 2015: Rich earthy nose with lot’s going on in the mouth, this is good wine and for a change interesting merlot, 94 points and very good value at $20

Pertaringa ‘Stage Left” Adelaide Merlot 2015: Mulberry on the nose and lively on the palate it has a spark I found hard to define but it’s there and makes the wine an enjoyable drink, 94 points and good value at $22

Parker Estate Coonawarra Merlot 2015: This is one of those merlot’s that make me think there is more to the grape then I like to admit, no great standout aromas on the nose but clean and inviting. It’s a different story across the palate the top notes are a mix of soft black fruits whilst underneath there is power with the tannin and acid well integrated leading to a fine finish, the return is very impressive bringing the whole to a satisfying end. 95 points and worth $34

Norfolk Rise ‘Reserve’ Mount Benson Merlot 2015: Coffee on the nose with some wood character, powerful across the palate the flavours strong but not over the top, I didn’t get the chance but think it would be good at the table with robust dinners and strong sauces 93 points and value at $25

Byron & Harold ‘The Partners’ Great Southern Riesling 2015: Classic riesling character of lime starting to show on the nose, acid still dominant across the palate, it could be youth that is holding it back but it is muted the spark is missing however riesling often falls into a dumb period so let’s not be too harsh 90 points probably more to come, high price at $30

Mad Fish Western Australia Riesling 2016: clean fresh vibrant nose and lively across the palate only youth holding it back but it should come good for Christmas 2017, 91 points good price at $18

Kilikanoon ‘Golden Hillside’ Clare Valley, Watervale Riesling 2016: Beautiful nose of lime essence flavours starting to expand the grip of acid it’s the fabled duckling turning into a swan not quite there yet but only joy to come 93 now with a couple more on the way and very good value at $25

Wykari ‘Naughty Boy’ Clare Valley Riesling 2016: Developed on the nose draws back on the palate plenty of zippy acid all along the journey, falls just a little short on the finish but that can be put aside 92 points good price at $18

Pertaringa Clare Valley Riesling 2016: Still young but starting to open up, the nose is gorgeous the lime is there but so is tangerine and an extremely fine hint of spice, the palate is coming alive it’s going to be a beauty 94 now at least one more to come and worth its $30

Wykari ‘Windy Hill’ Clare Valley Riesling 2016: Gorgeous lime riesling nose Its starting to come out with the rich challenging flavours that for me riesling should have, having said that its not destined to be one of the world’s or even region greatest of all time rieslings but its dammed good drinking now 94 points and well worth $22

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