A mixed baker’s dozen wines offers delight

A mixed baker’s dozen

Semillon from Mudgee and Clare: The Mudgee offers delight but the Clare will in time take the lead.

Sauvignon blanc that is individual, pleases me but perhaps not the hordes of NZ lovers.

A rose from Rioja and Syrah from Mornington an interesting tasting, both preformed well.

A quartet of pinot noir showing a consistency of Australian PN compared to 20 years ago when one really didn’t know what to expect when the bottle was opened.

Shiraz, cabernet and a blend to end. A good mix.

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Huntington Estate Mudgee Semillon 2016: Tasted January 2017: Lemon scented and hints of lemon on the palate. Its already drinking delightfully but there is enough acid underpinning the fruit to show it will continue to develop for a while yet, 93 points and well worth $22

Pauletts ‘Helmsford’ Watervale Clare Valley Semillon 2016: Tasted January 2017: Let’s be clear it’s a great semillon, but there is a but and in this case the but is if buying to drink in 2017 I think you will find a hard high acid wine that is not an easy drink. Should this be bought to put away for a couple of years or longer then it is a very good buy at $23, an extremely mean 91 now but I hold little doubt it will hit 95 in time

Mount Avoca ‘Moates Lane’ Sauvignon Blanc 2015: Tasted January 2017: The extra year gives greater depth, which I find attractive but devotees of New Zealand SB may not. It showed well in tasting but much better when drunk with a few nibbles in the early evening, 93 points and worth $25

El Piadoso Rioja Rosado 2015: Tasted February 2017:

No website, contact paddy.gilhooly@alliancewine.com   

Easy drinking rose that has a good savoury edge to raspberry style fruit, 91 points and worth $20

Dromana Estate Mornington Peninsula Syrah 2014: [Website under revamp] tasted February 2017: There is no definition on what syrah is and what is shiraz, why should there be, its one and the same variety.

For me its when syrah is more savoury and earthy, not rich chocolate or spice characters. This Dromana wine is in my opinion, syrah and a very fine one indeed it has richness and plenty of upfront fruit but underneath is the sensual forbidden fruit, and we all like a nibble of that now and again 96 points and in the right price bracket at $58

Delamere Tasmania Pinot Noir 2015: Tasted December 2016: Sweet, savoury, stinky, perfumed pinot, elegant on the journey satisfying and long on the finish, no more need be said 95 points and worth $50

Dromana Estate Mornington Peninsula Pinot Noir 2016: [Website under revamp] Tasted February 2017: Its well developed for such a young wine, which may mean it’s got a short life but that’s no real issue some wines are better for ageing and many more are not. Buy this wine now or next year and you will enjoy a defined pinot noir from nose through palate to final swallow, it has the feral edge I look for in PN plus a richness of red fruit character, 94 points and in pinot prices $39 is value.

Mornington Estate Pinot Noir 2016: [Website under revamp] Tasted February 2017: It’s light and works very well chilled, as a pinot noir it has all the characters I’m looking for if on the lighter side of the PN spectrum, 93 points and value at $25

Better Half Yarra Valley Pinot Noir 2016: Tasted January 2017: Fruity nose and a lot of fruit to start, it’s about half (excuse pun) way across the palate that savoury pinot characters come into play from mid to end I found it a better wine then from start to mid-point, 93 points a touch heavy on price at $35

Coppabella Tumbarumba Pinot Noir 2016: Tasted February 2017: (no web presence) A delightful light style of PN, being light in no way detracts from its quality, the nose PH across the palate it trips neatly gently brushing the pleasure points as it goes 94 points and a bargain at $25

McPherson ‘Andrew McPherson’ SE Australia Shiraz 2016: Tasted January 2017: Light easy going across the palate clean finish 90 points OK price at $11

Zema Estate ‘Cluny’ Coonawarra Cabernet Merlot 2013: Tasted February 2017: A wine of fine lines good balance long length and unlimited beauty, 94 points and great value at $25 or below

McPherson ‘MWC’ Victoria Cabernet Sauvignon 2015: Tasted January 2017:  Good blackberry nose slow to start in the mouth but soon picks up, smooth, even balance of acid/tannin supports enjoyable fruit top notes, satisfying finish 93 points worth $22

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