Non-vintage Australian sparkling wines. Australian sparkling wines. We produce many wonderful sparkling wines yet exports are falling.

Huntington Estate Pinot/Chardonnay NV: A group of us tasted this wine and though the agreement was “it’s OK”, that was all that could be said about it. 89 points and very pricey, at $29, in comparison to what else is around. 

Jansz ‘Premium Cuvee’ Tasmania NV: A lot, in fact almost everything, to do with champagne or high quality sparkling wine after the grapes are grown and picked is to do with the winemaker’s skill, not only in the making but in blending. This is a fine example of the art and craft of sparkling wine making. 94 points and value at $25-$30.

Delamere Vineyards Tasmania Cuvee NV: A good house style is developing. This is well balanced, has depth of flavour and a hint of toast character. 93 points and OK value at $30.

Yarra Burn Victoria Brut NV: A rather lovely biscuit nose for a $13 wine (at Dan Murphy’s). It’s fizzy and racy and rather enjoyable. 91 points and excellent value.

Howard Park ‘Jeté’ Brut NV: A chardonnay-pinot blend that is balanced and has poise as it travels. 93 points and OK value at $34.

Arras Tasmania Brut Elite NV: An elegant expression of sparkling wine, with a well-toned, let’s say elegant, body that works out daily as there is a underlying rod of steel. 94 points and worth $35. The edge meant it worked well at the table.

Yarra Burn Victoria Premium Cuvee Brut NV: A $15 wine that tastes like a $20-plus wine. Need more be said? 91 points.

Allegiance Wines ‘Fortuity’ Chardonnay-Pinot NV: Good mousse, bread/yeast on the nose, flits across the palate, dropping points of pleasure as it travels. 92 points and up against stiff competition at $25 but worth it.

Jansz Tasmania Rose NV: Good length, and an intriguing flavour that I couldn’t pin, but it’s pleasant enough and a clean, crisp edge made it go well with food. 93 points and an OK price at $25-$30.

Yarra Burn Victoria Sparkling Rose NV: Its $15 at Dan’s and that is great value. An easy 91 points.

Delamere Tasmania Rose NV: All pinot noir and quality all through. It’s really quite wonderful. 94 points and worth the $30 asked. It dances in the mouth, pure class.

Howard Park ‘Jeté’ NV: Salmon colour, yeast nose and finely balanced across the palate. Works a treat. 93 points. $35 is the top end of what would be a reasonable price bracket.

Allegiance ‘Fortuity’ South Australia Sparkling Shiraz NV: Are wine reviewers absolutely neutral? I can’t speak for others but I try to be, and am until fortified muscats come my way. I have to try hard not to give them 105 out of 100. It’s much the same with sparkling shiraz: I love it and it’s rare I find one that disappoints. This doesn’t and is well worth $20 (at WineHaven). 94 points.

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