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Your Wine Questions Answered by Jerry LockspeiserYour Wine Questions Answered by Jerry LockspeiserJerry Lockspeiser explains his reason for writing, Your Wine Questions Answered, The 25 things wine drinkers most want to know.

I thought it would be helpful to provide the answers, and to write about them in the language of normal humans not wine geeks. Wine is fun, so I got a great young artist in London to hand draw some funky illustrations to go with the words.

All the money I receive from sales of this book will be used to build primary schools in Sierra Leone, West Africa.

In 2010 I visited Sierra Leone with international development charity ActionAid. Sierra Leone is one of the world’s poorest countries and education is fundamental to improving lives. When I came back from the trip I suggested to two wine business friends that we create a wine brand and give all our profits to finance the building of primary schools. We set up the Millione Foundation, created the Millione brand, sourced a lovely lightly sparkling Rosé from Italy, and set about selling it.

So far we have financed the building of five schools, educating 1500 children. The more books and wine we sell, the more schools we will build.

When we launched the Millione wine some well-known people lent us their support. The link between enjoying a nice glass of wine and helping to educate kids in Africa might not seem obvious. But listen to Emma Thompson:

“Oh that’s lovely, that tastes of thousands of school children getting an education they would otherwise not receive and having lives of their own, full of hope and joy, and that’s the best taste I have ever tasted in a wine”.

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