Oysters slipping down a treat with piquepoul blanc

Slipping down a treat

A wonderful story appeared on ABC Rural on 7 February. On a trip to France about eight years ago, NSW South Coast oyster grower Steve Feletti tried some oysters in a fish market along with a glass of piquepoul blanc.

“When I tried piquepoul blanc at the markets I was struck by the sensory thunderbolt of how sweetly the two flavours went together,” he said.

Mainly grown in the Rhone Valley and Languedoc regions of France, piquepoul blanc can also be found over the border in Catalonia, Spain.

It’s a grape that wasn’t grown in Australia at the time. As Feletti also has a farm in Cowra it occurred to him he could grow the grape that made the wine that went so well with oysters.

The long possess of quarantine, planting and growing started, and almost a decade later there is a wine. Windowrie Estate is the winemaker.

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