Paul Clancy – Testimonial

“I have heard Tony Keys called a pain in the arse, and even “that bastard Keys”, but I have never heard him called a liar. And nor do I ever expect to. For Tony Keys and The Key Report is nothing if not honest, probing and tenaciously inquisitive. TKR sometimes shines light where others might prefer it to remain dark. TKR is not just a breath of fresh air in a landscape of sycophantic wine industry commentary, it is an absolutely essential development in an industry which for too long has enjoyed a comfortable environment of only modest scrutiny and a great deal of spin. Tony Keys may, at times, be seen by some within the industry as a prickly character, a nuisance or an unwanted provocateur, but his intent is always honourable and he can never be accused of anything other than seeking the truth of the matter. A forum, such as that provided by TKR, is a healthy development for an industry to openly discuss and debate issues which may otherwise have not seen the light of day. I can’t praise TKR highly enough for its courage to do what others have shied away from. It is far easier to take the path of least resistance in all facets of life and business than to choose, as TKR has done, the harder path – where monetary rewards and good relations with all and sundry are secondary to honesty and integrity.”

Chairman of the Wine Grape Growers Council of South Australia, Industry identity and former publisher, Paul Clancy