Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon Blanc & Sem/Sav or Sav/Sem blends

Another sorting and publishing of reviews left over from 2016:

Pertaringa Adelaide Hills Sauvignon Blanc 2016: It’s pure SB and SB lovers will indeed love it, unfortunately it doesn’t do a great deal for me but it is well made, 93 points I think it expensive at $30

Nautilus Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2015: As 2016 SB flood the market it’s good to get one with an extra year of age, all I can say it’s well made classic style Marlborough SB, can’t fault it 94 points the price on the bottle is $28 but I note Dan’s have it at $20,

Flowstone Margaret River Sauvignon Blanc 2014: Just at the point of thinking the world of wines has imploded and the only SB left is in the style of New Zealand SB, along comes Flowstone to remind me SB need not be tonsil tearing, eye watering and palate searing liquid brewed by orcs deep in the mountain of eternal pain but a full and flavoursome glass of wine that brings pleasure 95 points and worth the $32 asked

See Saw Orange Region Sauvignon Blanc 2016: Another beautifully balanced SB its crisp rapier clean and extremely refreshing, all is in harmony 94 points and a bargain at $25

Allegiance ‘The Artisan’ Orange Region Sauvignon Blanc 2016: Some incredible SB coming out of Orange, again this it streamline the taste appears after the wine has passed a point but then lingers, very smart wine that should continue to develop in 2017 94 points, top price at $30

Mount Avoca Pyrenees Fume Blanc 2014: Along with Taltarni, Mount Avoca are the champions of the fume style its rich yet beautifully balanced with acid, 95 points and worth the $30 asked

Briar Ridge ‘Dairy Hill’ Hunter Valley Semillon 2016: A fair skinned maiden with the odd blemish due to youth, but that will pass and the slightly shy, gangling lass will become a beauty with great poise and an elegant carriage, or if you prefer a very smart wine in the making, a harsh 92 now but more to come as it ages and then it will be worth the $35 asked.

Briar Ridge ‘Stockhausen’ Hunter Valley Semillon 2016: This and the ‘Dairy Hill’ could be twins, this is supposed to be the lesser wine as its $7 cheaper, but at the moment there is little difference. Contemplating the two wines side by side, one can see the difference could well be seen five years down the track, this is slightly more approachable now and warrants an extra point so 93 but as the two age the Dairy Hill will mature to amass greater points. At $28 its pricey now but will be worth it for Christmas 2017 

Peppertree ‘Alluvius’ Hunter Valley Semillon 2016: Let’s not mess around, it’s a great wine in the making, buy a case put it away for five years, properly kept right in 15 years and you will be rewarded handsomely with a wine possibly scoring 97/98 points.

Buy it now for drinking at the weekend dinner party I fear you will be very disappointed, what it has is locked away so $35 long term is very good value $35 for now or even the next couple of years is not worth it, 92 points and rising.

Margan Hunter Valley Semillon 2016: Lots of fruit showing and the acid bite of other 2016 hunter semillon’s is missing, not completely missing just not as harsh, its pleasing now and will improve so 92 points and more to come value at $18, better value at Dan’s for $16 or less

Geoff Hardy ‘GMH’ South Australia White Meritage 2016: Meritage is a term for a Bordeaux blend, so this wine could be a mix of semillon, muscadelle and sauvignon blanc. There are other minor grapes but unless Mr Hardy reveals what the blend is we can only guess.  It’s grassy on the nose so I assume a major component is sauvignon blanc, clean crisp and well-made 91 points and OK value at $18

Sandalford Classic Dry White 2016: A semillon/sauvignon blend with a smidgen of chenin. Beautiful wild flower nose crisp and well defined across the palate, a good glass of wine, serve chilled but not too cold as this dulls the flavours, 92 points and worth $20

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