Science, Woolworth, Cash-Flow Riesling

Science has entered the terroir debate in a big way. According to scientists’ logic, terroir can be interfered with all for the better. Read the full report in the Australian wine news section. Its a must read article.

Riesling is lauded by some notable wine commentators as the greatest white grape variety. I wouldn’t argue against that view. However, I believe many Australian wineries release their rieslings too young.

I fully understand the need for cash flow but is offering the consumer a thin, high-acid wine doing a great deal for the identity of riesling? The annual TKR riesling tasting is the subject of this week’s review section.

Woolworths has posted its half-year results. It is back in the black after last year’s write-downs. The Endeavour Drinks Group is doing well.  

According to media reports, CHAMP is not listing Accolade Wines this year but bedding down the brands that it bought from Lion (Croser, Petaluma, Knappstein, St Hallett, Stonier, Wither Hills, Te Hana and Tatachilla). CHAMP also wants to improve Accolade’s standing in China.

Australian Vintage had a tough half-year. Debt is still high. Will it recover in the second half?

Meanwhile, Treasury Wine Estates continues to be the golden goblet of the Australian wine industry, with shares topping $12 last week but dipping just below that mark at the start of this week.

Reports say there has been an increase in Riverland grape prices. It’s small but welcome. I also note the Riverland group is going to ProWein this year. It’s a good move, though I question the recommendation of 12 to 15 SKU per stand. That makes a one-metre counter cluttered.

A report in Shanken Daily News says the much talked about (and much disliked by industry and trade) Yellow Tail Super Bowl commercial has been a success in the US. It’s estimated the ad was seen by 75 million people. It also garnered 8.2 million views as part of the top-viewed Super Bowl ad round-up on YouTube, and was rated second best overall in that group.”

In the week following the Super Bowl ad Yellow Tail sales increased 19 per cent by volume and 13 per cent by value, according to Nielsen data covering large national grocery chains.

I admit to thinking the Yellow Tail ad crass, but it wasn’t aimed at people like me. It’s been successful in its target market, so well done, Casella. The Shanken article says sales of Yellow Tail in the US dropped 2 per cent in 2016 to 7.8 million cases, but thanks to the ad, the decline is expected to reverse in 2017.

Good karma


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  1. Good on you Tony. We agree about the Yellow Tail ad but we are also ready to admit when we are wrong…

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