Shiraz from the 2014 and 2015 vintages and one 2016

At last coming to the end of the 2016 reviews.

The wines come from the 2014 and 2015 vintages with one from 2016.

Regions: Barossa & Barossa Valley, McLaren Vale, Langhorne Creek, Mount Lofty Ranges, Adelaide Hills, Clare Valley, Mount Benson, Great Southern and Heathcote

Yalumba ‘Galway Vintage’ Barossa Shiraz 2014: Ok but I found it ragged across the palate so 88 points and pricey at $19

Burton Vineyard Barossa Shiraz 2014: Plum and cholate nose, easy journey across the palate sound wine 91 points and value at $17

Glaetzer ‘Amon-Ra’ Barossa Valley Shiraz 2014: A big lad at 15% alcohol but it’s all well-toned pecks, abs and glutes. It’s a gentle giant that starts smoothly and just builds from there. It truly is a wine to sip and savour as each part of the journey reveals new tastes and even different textures, long lingering finish 96 points and for those with the money $100 is worth it

Parous Barossa Valley Shiraz 2014: Clean rich creamy nose, smooth across the palate but not weak and interesting flavours emerge as it travels, what it lacks is only in comparison to its 2012 brother, and that is the mystery of wine. The 2012 has a magic the 14 doesn’t but it rates 93 points and OK value at $40

Bishop by Ben Glaetzer Barossa Valley Shiraz 2015: The smell is out of the glass long before the glass is anywhere near the nose, it’s a powerful wine in all departments but so well constructed it works, and works wonderfully. Rich, ripe full strong and all in balance, one could say it’s a cold winter night wine, but I find a short spell in the fridge to stop the aroma and flavours going wild makes it good at any time of the year 95 points and worth $33

Domain ‘premium’ Barossa Shiraz 2015: Quite a herbal nose, firm structure with tannin/acid balance all the way, it’s a well-crafted wine that delights as it travels 95 points, worth $35

Zonte’s Footstep ‘Baron Von Nemesis’ Barossa Shiraz 2015: Barossa chocolate character all the way, and very lovely, little more need be said 94 points and worth its $35

Curtis ‘Limited Series’ McLaren Vale Shiraz 2015: A good wine that has all the right flavours in the right places it’s an easy 94 points but I think $70 is pushing the price as there are is stiff competition from the Vale in this price bracket

Zonte’s Footstep ‘Chocolate Factory’ McLaren Vale Shiraz 2015: One can see why it carries the moniker chocolate as it’s a common descriptor for Barossa shiraz. Hopefully I wasn’t influenced by the name but I found enough chocolate character to keep Mr Willy Wonker happy. Apart from the chocolate there is well balanced fruit, oak tannin and acid 94 points and very good value at $25

Thistledown ‘Cunning Plan’ Langhorne Creek Shiraz 2014: Honest, ripe shiraz, it pleasures all the parts of the palate that should be pleasured. It is what it is and what it should be, what more can be asked 93 points worth $25 

Zonte’s Footstep ‘Lake Doctor’ Langhorne Creek Shiraz 2015: Mulberry’s is what I got on the nose very soft at the beginning of the palate but fills out as it travels, interesting flavours start to appear half way with an enjoyable finish, It’s an OK price at  $25 but can be found at $18 which is good value. 

Berton Vineyard Mount Lofty Ranges Shiraz 2014: Let’s start with the price $17 and work backwards 94 points, I hardly need to add more, but will. Its cool wine from a cool climate, there is blackcurrant hints and I thought a touch of  cinnamon its rather a good cool combination that worked for me 

Zonte’s Footstep ‘Hills are Alive’ Adelaide Hills Shiraz 2015: I got a fresh herb/spice mix on the nose followed by restrained black fruit flavours unfurling as it travelled across the palate, it’s quite some wine 94 points and worth $35

Paulett Polish Hill River Shiraz 2014: Deceptive gentle plum flavours to start then sharpen around mid-palate, then cruise to a smart finish 93 points and value at $25

Norfolk Rise Mount Benson Shiraz 2015: A gentle easy drinking wine, what I think of as a lazy Sunday afternoon wine 90 points and value at $16

Handpicked Wines ‘Versions’ South Australia Shiraz 2016: Dark red/black centre, black fruits  on the nose, very soft all across the palate a very approachable rich glass of wine 92 points and a real bargain at $15

Howard Park ‘Flint Rock’ Great Southern Shiraz 2014: The nose is feral, wood and moss slightly dank and so very inviting. On the palate it settles down and richer fruit characters start to appear, very appealing wine 94 points and well worth $28

Gapsted ‘Limited Release’ Heathcote Shiraz 2015: There is a mineral hint to Heathcote shiraz that follows the fruit in a harmonies way, there is a lightness to the wine which in no way means its week, it also worked well at the table, 94 points OK price at $36

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