Shiraz reviews of wines from three regions

A case of Shiraz

A dozen shiraz wines from the 2015 vintage split into

  • Hilltops (2)
  • Barossa (3)
  • McLaren Vale (7)

There’s little I can add to the Shiraz story that hasn’t already been said so some words from the past:

Chats About Wine, C.E. Walker: Published 1907 by Daly & Co London

How far Australian wine has come in 11 decades?

All wines tasted March 2017

Happy drinking and good Karma





Moppity Vineyards Hilltops Shiraz 2015: Soft blueberry nose, if being fancy I could stretch it out to blueberry yogurt as it has a freshness to it. Gentle on entry but far from weak its silky across the palate with a soft savoury edge to it, more syrah in style than shiraz in my mind. Excellent wine 94 points worth the $35 asked

Procella ‘I’ Hilltops Shiraz 2015: Very slight coffee bean hint on the nose which is predominantly black plum, enters the mouth with power to the fore and strides across the palate in a determined way, robust but not coarse 94 points OK price at $40

Barossa & Barossa Valley

Thorn-Clarke ‘Sandpiper’ Barossa Shiraz 2015: Young fresh fruity nose and lightweight on the palate gives little in the way of excitement but in no way offends, easy wine 91 it’s in a strong fighting bracket at $20

Hesketh ‘Regional’ Barossa Valley Shiraz 2015: Plum on the nose easy journey across the palate 91 points a lot of wine in the $18 bracket

Hex & Heysen Barossa Valley Shiraz 2015: Clean fruit driven nose, even balance across the palate all OK but only OK, 91 points and heavy price at $27

McLaren Vale

Pertaringa McLaren Vale Shiraz 2015: Plum nose, sits pert at the beginning of its journey starts with no great fuss but as it moves to the centre acid comes into play and lifts the fruit to more interesting levels, 94 points and very good value at $22

Gemtree ‘Uncut’ McLaren Vale Shiraz 2015: Pleasure on the nose, several aromas twisting around each other like incense in the distance that floats in and out with the wind direction. In the mouth it works on two levels mixed black fruits on one level underscored with savoury hints plus tannin and oak, all in balance, 94 points great value at $25

Paxton ‘Organic’ McLaren Vale Shiraz 2015: Soft on the nose, that is a joy to smell and continue to smell, nothing leapt out but all that was there was good. Gentle in the mouth to start but flavours unfurled as it travelled and all came together at the end, 93 points value at $20

Paxton ‘Quandong Farm’ McLaren Vale Shiraz 2015: Damp woodland and earth on the nose, sultry and dark magic in the mouth, one very sexy wine indeed, 96 points and for around $30 excellent value

Pertaringa ‘Over the Top’ McLaren Vale Shiraz 2015: Not over the top in any way, in fact just right, a nose that tempts the taster to draw the wine into the mouth, a generous sensual beauty that has good muscle tone, 96 points and worth $40

Gemtree ‘Biodynamic & Organic’ McLaren Vale Shiraz 2015: Offers all, a quality McLaren Vale shiraz should offer but with the added organic and BD tag, that aside its soft black fruit on the nose and balanced across the palate with a satisfying finish 94 points and the around the right price at $45

Gemtree ‘Obsidian’ McLaren Vale Shiraz 2015: A hint of oak on the nose but its attractive and there is a lot more besides such as an earth and ripe fruits combination. It’s still disjointed across the palate but only because it needs more time to settle a wine made for the long haul tannin and acid falling over crème brûlée, currents and blackcurrant flavours a very mean 93 now but at least three maybe four to come as it settles, $80 for drinking down the track is worth it.



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