Shiraz wines retailing $21-$29

The swinging 20s

The 20s

Last week’s reviews were of shirazes $20 and below. This week its $21 to $29.

2012 vintage:

Mitchell ‘Peppertree Vineyard’ Clare Valley Shiraz 2012: I got plum, ripe plum, on the nose. Across the palate it’s a very soft wine, yet not without presence. It strolls across the palate in a most charming way and doles out pleasure as it does so. 93 points and value at $25. I note James Halliday gave it 94.

2013 vintage:

Eden Hall ‘Springton’ Shiraz 2013: A cool style of shiraz with an intriguing background of tea and other herbal influences. It’s a different style that some, including me, will like a great deal, and others not so much. Its individuality is what counts. 94 points and worth the $25 asked

Leconfield Coonawarra Shiraz 2013: This is powerful but not over-dominant. It makes a statement as it strides with confidence across the palate. 93 points and well worth $25.

D’Arenberg ‘The Footbolt’ McLaren Vale Shiraz 2013: A rich mouthful of respectable McVale shiraz. 93 points and $18 is a very good price.

Pauletts Polish Hill Clare Valley Shiraz 2013: I tasted and retasted and came to the conclusion that this is honest wine. It’s good, well made, balanced and delivers pleasure. “You want more already?” 94 points and value at $25.

2014 vintage:

Richard Hamilton McLaren Vale Shiraz 2014: The basic McLaren Vale shiraz offering. Believe me, this is no put-down. The average standard of wine from this region starts at high and continues upwards. This really is a region whose name carries quality. This is rich and balanced, with good length and long finish. It lingers, caresses the senses and makes the world a better place. 94 points and a bargain at $21.

Leconfield McLaren Vale Shiraz 2014: From nose to lips and across the palate, this wine glides like a swan across a tranquil lake. It’s full of beauty and grace. 95 points and great value at $26.

Zonte’s Footstep ‘Lake Doctor’ Langhorne Shiraz 2014: Broad flavours scuttle across the palate giving no offence, then disappear, leaving pleasant but faint memories. 89 points and there’s plenty of shiraz around at $25 (though this can often be found cheaper).

Don’t tell Gary Grampians Shiraz 2014: The story behind the name is that the McPherson Wines winemaker, Jo Nash, found a parcel of shiraz she really wanted but knew it was expensive. It wasn’t just the grapes, but to do them justice new barrels would be required. The stumbling block was general manager Gary Williams, who is also chief financial officer. Jo was sure he wouldn’t sanction the expense. In cahoots with other members of staff, Jo made sure the cost was hidden and the wine made, and 200 cases out of the total of 500 were pre-sold. Faced with such female canniness and finding the wine outstanding, Gary capitulated. The wine is available in Australia, Sweden and the UK. I urge you to seek it out. An easy 94 points and great value at $24.

Allegiance Wines ‘The Tiger’ Coonawarra Shiraz 2014: Very Coonawarra in style, as it should be. Smooth at the beginning of the journey, but more interesting flavours come into play as it travels. 93 points and an OK price at $25.

Parker Coonawarra Estate Shiraz 2014: Short note: incredibly well made wine. 93 points at a very sound price of $24.

Eden Trail Eden Valley Shiraz 2014: Stunning nose, cool, almost mint, just marred (for me) by oak. Also cool on the palate. Still finding its feet but I think it will get there, so 91 now, perhaps two more to come and OK value at $28.

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