South Australian Shiraz

Shiraz, straight and blended, all from South Australia. Warning: some say these wines are not good for you. They can go…

Glaetzer ‘Amon-Ra’ Barossa Valley Shiraz 2015: Such a naughty nose. It’s all that one loves to indulge in, but shouldn’t because some health freak says it’s not good for you, or an uptight moral misery says it’s the road to hell. To hell I go willingly if this is waiting. Big and rich in the mouth, this is a beauty of generous proportions. Beware if you’re not up to the contest. 96 points and, yes, worth $100.


Anaperenna ‘by Ben Glaetzer’ Barossa Valley Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon 2015: No shrinking violet, this wine. But then no great brute either. It’s taut, tight, and rich, so very rich. One knows it’s naughty, but as is the case with all naughty excesses, willpower is fickle and weak and stands no chance. 95 points and for those who dare, $52 will be well spent.


St John’s Road ‘Block 8’ Barossa Shiraz 2016: Clean, mixed black fruits nose. Slow to start but gathers pace rapidly as it travels. The fruit falls away towards the end, but there’s no great damage done. 94 points and an OK price at $38.


St John’s Road ‘The Evangelist’ Barossa Shiraz 2015: I do like a wicked wine, one that says don’t fiddle around with wasted words, just get down to the action. Let this beauty entwine you in her strong, sensuous arms, and lead you to a place your mother would be shocked at you going to. As for your dad? Well, he’s just annoyed he never got there. 95 points and well worth $58.


Twin Cellars Margaret River Shiraz 2013: Fresh on the nose, almost like a barrel sample. Don’t be deceived; it has a lot more going for it across the palate. The fruit is forward and it’s a soft, approachable style. Very sound, 93 points, and a good price at $19.


Twin Cellars Margaret River Shiraz 2014: A year younger than the ’13, but the nose is richer. Slightly more depth to the wine, but the same 93 points and good price of $19.


Sidewood Adelaide Hills Shiraz 2015: Clean, sweet-smelling nose. A lively wine, full of pep and pepper. The flavours are forward but it has some interest on the return that extends the taste. 93 points and worth $22.


Ulithorne ‘Avitus’ McLaren Vale Shiraz 2015: A muted nose, but if you persist, spice and oak come through. The oak is still forward, but it should settle, as will the tannin that is nibbling its way across the palate. A mean 93 now but this is meant for ageing, and will become quite a wine in maybe two years and beyond. If you’re into wine, it’s worth the $75.


Ulithorne ‘Familia’ McLaren Vale Shiraz 2015: A layered wine, with at least two, if not three, layers, with different textures and flavours travelling in each. A pedigree wine if ever I saw one. 95 points and well worth $40.


Claymore Wines ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ Clare Valley Shiraz 2015: Sexy, sensual nose. Rich and plush red velvet on the palate. Good wine, 94 points and worth $25.


Haselgrove Bella Vigna McLaren Vale Shiraz 2016: Wine is for sharing, to bring joy and enhance a gathering. But sometimes one is tempted to sneak into the corner and indulge in the sensuous delights that some wines offer without telling the others. This is such a wine. It’s worth exploring. 94 points and worth $30.


Fleming’s ‘8 Barrels’ Barossa Shiraz 2014: Clean and sound on the nose as it is across the palate. There’s a green edge to the wine. It lacks Barossa fruit and character and also lacks excitement. 88 points and there’s a lot of wine around at $25.


Tomich ‘Single Vineyard’ Adelaide Hills Shiraz 2015: Light nose, but an undefinable spice comes through if it’s worked at. Gentle and slow to start, but by mid-palate it’s starting to hype up, with tastes hitting pleasure points and fireworks going off. It’s quite the stroppy madam, and lovely with it. 94 points and worth $30.

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