Stopping wine theft and what goes where

Stop, thief

YPB Group bills itself as a brand protection and customer engagement solutions company. It is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. At the time of writing, shares traded at 18 cents, with the 52-week high being 40 cents and the low 13.5 cents.

YPB is rather pleased with itself this week as its anti-theft Lexcaps have been taken up by Dan Murphy’s stores Australia wide.

The Lexcaps are reusable security caps that are applied to bottle caps and removed by service staff at the point of sale. A person attempting to steal a bottle with a Lexcap will trigger an alarm at the exit.

The company has carried out trials with Dan’s and says “theft was reduced significantly on YPB protected liquor bottles”.

Obviously Dan’s is using the cap on higher value bottles and not on the under-$10 cleanskin range. It will be interesting to see how much it has saved in a year’s time.

What goes were:

The Wine Australia export report makes an interesting read with the facts presented well by the team led by Peter Bailey. The below are the facts examined in a different way, total wine exports to the end of June were valued at $2.106 billion, broken down into the main sectors and rounded

  • Bottled red: $1.277 billion
  • Bottled white: $354.9 million
  • Bulk red: $219.16 million
  • Bulk white: $173 million
  • Sparkling: $47.3 million

Bulk red remained static on the corresponding period of the previous year and white was down just 1 per cent.

Where bottled red was up 17 per cent and bottled white up 8 per cent.

Bulk exports are centred on the UK and accounts for

  • Red: $123.42 million
  • White: $82.49

Or put another took just over 52 per cent of wine shipped in bulk. No other country comes near it second is the US but that only accounts for around $82 million of which $36 million is white.

China leads the bottled red exports at $377.1 million interesting white is only $16.73 million. It also leads with sparkling wine at a value of $5.93 million.

Sparkling wines have seven main markets four of them very close in value

  • China: $5.93 million
  • UK: $5.8 million
  • Singapore: $5.78 million
  • New Zealand: $5.38 million
  • USA: $4.27 million
  • Japan $4.08 million
  • Canada: $4.08 million

Overall sparkling wine exports are down 3 per cent and only three of the above markets recorded increases, China 24 per cent, Canada 2 per cent and Singapore just 1 per cent

The USA leads the bottled white wine exports taking 39 per cent with a value of $138.6 million, chardonnay being the favoured variety.

Looking at the stats this way gives several pointers, the Chinese love of red over white is often talked about. But the US thirst for white wine especially chardonnay is more of a surprise and what can be done with shrinking sparkling exports?

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