Supermarket badgered to delist Trump wines

Trumping Donald

Abha Bhattarai, writing in The Washington Post on 14 February, covers the American consumer rebellion against Donald Trump being President of the US.

Wegmans is a regional supermarket chain with more than 90 stores in six states including New York and Virginia. The Prince William County chapter of the National Organisation for Women is petitioning Wegmans to stop selling wines from the Trump winery just outside Charlottesville.

Bhattarai writes:

“Wegmans sells 237 Virginia wines from 58 wineries at its local stores. Among those wines are five varieties from the Trump Winery, including Trump Blanc de Blanc and Trump Winery Chardonnay.”

Wegmans has been selling Trump wines (previously Kluge Estate Winery) since 2008, before it was acquired by Trump. Wegmans’ view is that if consumers stop buying the wine, it will delist it and replace it with something that does sell.

The power of the people can in this instance thump Trump. It’s time for action. Start the revolution.

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