The Phil Lehmann sextet plays the Trocadero

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the Trocadero Holistic nightclub, the hottest, hippest most swinging jazz club in Adelaide, and all parts of the universe. It’s New Year’s Eve, but guys, it’s New Year’s Eve every night, so let’s celebrate the New Year 2017, maybe 1963 and 1956, and some time in the ’40s.  

Tonight, from now till the dawn breaks over those hills and the rings of Saturn sparkle or eternity comes to an end, the Phil Lehmann sextet will swing and canoodle you through the warm dark hours. We are going to stroke your inner self like your inner self has never been stroked before.  

I’m Phil ‘the Horn’ Lehmann. I’ll introduce you to the other boys later, but for now listen to this baby. Man, you hear it stretch those notes. It takes the soul to places no soul on this earth should be going.  

This number is the Parker ‘First Growth’ Coonawarra 2013: Feel the depth, feel it reaching down, way down with those gentle notes of merlot floating in, tempered with the steady beat of fine oak. Man, this is a wine ready to excite, warm the blood, course through the veins. It’s already running at 95 but has more to offer. This wine has got to top out at 98, given time, and $105 is loose change in many rich folks’ pockets.

Listen to those sweet notes in the background, from the flute of Big P Lehmann, a master of the holy trio, St John’s Road ‘Motley Bunch’ Barossa Valley GMS 2015: Sweet, sweet violets tinkering with the senses, enticing and inviting. A cool 94 and $22 is nothing man, nothing.

Such a full house tonight. Move those walls out a little, lift the roof, let the stars shine in. Give that Margaret Lehmann room to move and jive the jive. Man, look at that girl go.

From the same part of town, the master of the clarinet. Come on, PL, blow this crowd some magic. Hey man, let those notes lift your heart. St John’s Road Barossa Valley Grenache 2016: This is cool but has hidden depths that PL brings to the fore halfway along the palate. It then intensifies to a smooth, long finish. 94 points and heaven, man, pure heaven. At $30 a bottle it’s a giveaway.

Blowing in from the south, Dudley and Irina Santiago-Brown, the sharpest dressers in the vale, looking real cool tonight. Go to it, kids.

Keeping the beat together is the magic man of the skins, Lehmo. See how he plays the St John’s Road ‘Line & Length’ Barossa Cabernet Sauvignon 2015: A soft and slightly plump beat, wonderful structure and the way he curves those notes… easy on the palate and very pleasing to all the senses. 94 points, and, man, $22?  I’ve dropped more than that to the hat check.

Fronting the Lehmann sextet is PEL, a voice of silk, velvet and rich, dark chocolate. Hear the sensual tones in the St John’s Road ‘Blood & Courage’ Barossa Shiraz 2016: It’s Barossa chocolate character all the way, and rather lovely for being so. 93 points and a giveaway at $22.

Where would the boys be without Philip Ed L beating those base notes. Step on up, Philip Ed, strum these cats to paradise and back again. Feel the notes from the inside out, feel the warmth and vibrations of the Parker Coonawarra Estate ‘95 block’ 2014: A cabernet dominant wine with petit verdot adding an edge that provides the zip that our inner self craves. It’s travelling at 94 now but will rise, given time, and $65 is within bounds for this quality of wine.

Good to see the Hesketh party in tonight. Hi guys, having a good time? Sure you are. Listen to that beat and swing those hips to this special number just for you guys: Lehmann-Hesketh ‘02’ Cabernet-Shiraz 2015: A blend of Coonawarra cabernet and Barossa shiraz, with a small production of just over 200 cases. Attractive nose of blackcurrant and berries, with a hint of oak. The classic iron fist in velvet glove, soft and silky on entry, gathering strength of flavour and character as it travels. Its youth shows on the end, as it’s just a touch disjointed, but that’s no great issue as it’s a wonderful wine and will be well worth putting down for a year or three. 94 points now but there will be more to come and it’s well worth $50.

The magic Philip Edward Lehmann weaves with wine is wonderful. The range is wide and the quality is always good, and often exceptional, with the prices about right. I have enjoyed the various wines over many years and urge readers to seek them out.

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