The Sediment

Read on for snippets of news that don’t fit elsewhere but have for unfathomable logic appealed to Tony Keys.

Good Old Plonk

Taken from an article, “Plonk: a language lover’s guide to Australian drinking”, in The Conversation on 21 July by Howard Manns, lecturer in linguistics, Monash University: Plonk is perhaps Australia’s best-known word for alcohol. It originally meant cheap, fortified wine but over time came to mean any cheap alcohol. In terms ...
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Beer remains the preferred American alcoholic drink

American alcohol pie: The latest Gallup poll on American alcohol drinking habits shows 38 per cent of U.S. adults totally abstain from alcohol. That figure has remained below 40 per cent since 1997. Broken down the figures are Four in 10 alcohol consumers say they most often drink beer 30 ...
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Rubber soul

Rubber soul Interesting that Michelin, the French tyre manufacturer and owner of the Michelin restaurant guides, has announced it is to buy a 40 per cent stake in Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate and the website ...
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Simon Evans led astray by misinformation?

Evans approval Simon Evans is very pro-Treasury Wine Estates. As far as TKR has observed, each word he has penned in the Financial Review has been positive. Though no doubt he is of an independent mind, and shows no favour or fear, he is extremely kind to TWE regarding the ...
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Lots of talk on top end wines what about the other end

All wine producers like to show, talk and boast of their top wines, but what about the other end? TKR has visited many a small producer cellar door that has a low-priced cash cow, often not very good but good enough for visitors to feel they are spending something for ...
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