3 x 3 wine reviews Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Grenache

3 girlsTriplets, 3×3 sets of wine

Three chardonnay, three pinot noir and three grenache wines. Seven regions represented and three vintages. Enough of the stats, to the reviews:

Margan ‘White Label’ Hunter Valley Chardonnay 2014: It’s rich, and one could say unfashionably rich nowadays. Well, bugger the hipsters, because it’s not in any way overblown. This is top quality chardonnay in a style that is on the generous side. 95 points and worth $40.

Margan Hunter Valley Chardonnay 2015: Not fat or thin. In fact, just right, and really enjoyable to sip and watch the sun go down with a plate of nibbles. 93 points and great value at $20.

Peppertree ‘Limited Release’ Hunter Valley Chardonnay 2014: It’s well made wine on the richer side, but not fat and flabby. Good structure and long length. 93 points and great value at $22.




Sassy Orange Region Pinot Noir 2013: Light in style but still offering pleasing flavours as it travels. Lacks grip and deep feral aspects for me. 90 points, and $30 is asking a bit much.

Stockman’s Ridge ‘Rider’ Central Ranges Pinot Noir 2014: One could be critical of the finer points of this PN, as PN has a tendency to bring out intellectual debate among wine folk. OK, it lacks the deep savoury edge that I like, and the nose could be more stinky, but it has enough character to attract those coming to PN. 91 points and $23 is a good entry price.

Robert Channon Granite Belt Pinot Noir 2014: Defined pinot on the nose and very light on entry. The journey starts on tiptoes and one wonders if there is going to be any more to the wine. The answer is yes. It’s not great depth, but it is pinot noir. Some interesting flavours emerge towards the back of the palate and there are true pinot flavours on the return journey, though it’s on the short side. 92 points and, for PN, good value at $25.




Dub Style ‘No 2’ McLaren Vale Grenache 2014: Soft, sexy exterior coating a rich, red fruit centre. 94 points and worth $35.

Running With Bulls Barossa Grenache 2015: Chewy and juicy are words that came to mind on tasting, but seem too flippant on paper. It’s a well made wine that pleases as it lazily rolls over the tongue. 93 points and good value at $23.

Zonte’s Footstep ‘Peacock’s Fan McLaren Vale Grenache 2014: A broad array of ripe fruit smells, followed by softness across the palate, with interesting, more penetrating flavours injecting from time to time. 92 points and worth the $25 asked.

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