Trump, Trans-Pacific Partnership

President Trump is no longer “elect”. He’s the real McCoy, the big chief, the man in charge for at least the next four years, barring death (natural or by assassination) or impeachment.  One of his first moves was to repeal the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

Australia still plans to ratify the TPP with the remaining partners, and apparently the Winemakers’ Federation of Australia supports that move. What can’t be judged at this stage is how the American withdrawal will affect Australia, in all its trade, not just wine.

President Trump’s “America first” approach could really hurt Australia should the American people get behind it. There is more than enough wine produced in America to cover any reduction in imports.

We take a closer look at Australian wine imports into the US in the International section. Australian wine export figures for the calendar year 2016 are due out on Friday 27 January. We will cover them in greater detail in next week’s TKR.

The Silicon Valley Bank is concerned about what effect President Trump’s actions will have on immigrant farm labour. If, as the President has intimated, there are deportations, this will increase costs, especially in California.

There’s a lot of emphasis on rosé wine in this week’s TKR. It’s on fire in the US and Australia. It’s also going crazy in the UK, though reports from there say a lot of the increase is due to the popularity of the frozen cocktail, frosé.

Frosé is a mix of frozen rosé wine with lemon juice and sugar and served as a slush. As well as being served in bars and clubs it’s being made at home: several UK supermarkets reported an increase in rosé sales of more than 100 per cent last summer.

We look at Australian rosé wine exports and the American trend, and review several rosés in the wine review section.

In the Australian section we look at Wine Australia’s claim that identifying top sites for shiraz will lead to better global recognition and higher prices for all Australian wines. TKR and others dispute this.

Good karma.


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