Tuscany wildlife and NZ Sauvignon Blanc

Bacon-flavoured chianti: The winemakers and grape growers of Tuscany are complaining about the amount of wild boar and deer to be found in vineyards. Despite the Italians’ love of hunting and blasting the intruders on a regular basis, the furry critters are breeding faster than they can be shot and eaten. Fencing is one way of keeping the vineyards safe, but it spoils the environment.

Swings and roundabouts: In a recent article on The Shout website, Peter Nixon, Business Manager Fine Wine at Dan Murphy’s is quoted as saying an increase in global demand for New Zealand sauvignon blanc could put pressure on prices and we could see an increase in price for NZ sauvignon in Australia. Good, price it out of the market and we might get rid of some fine Australian stock. The other side of the coin being the success of NZ in countries such as the UK, Canada and USA could take market share from Australia.

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