UK Aldi beer, NZ sauvignon blanc, chemical wine

Crafty moves

Aldi UK has introduced 18 British craft beers in its stores. It’s getting in early on the craft beer market, which is expected to reach £1 billion a year by 2020. What will it do in Australia?

Closer to home, Lion Beer, Spirits and Wine (NZ), part of Lion Australia, in turn a subsidiary of the Japanese conglomerate Kirin, is also moving deeper into craft beer. Lion NZ has agreed to buy Panhead Custom Ales to add to its Mac’s brand beers.

Damm, with faint praise

Andrew Fishwick is proprietor of London pub The Truscott Arms, winner of the Wine List of the Year title in the 2016 Estrella Damm Top 50 Gastropubs awards. The pub offers about 250 wines, many at very good prices.

Fishwick: “So that’s what we try and do. I’ll reduce the mark-up on interesting wines that I want people to try, like the Barton, or something odd like a Bulgarian Enira Reserva. But there are also certain wines that have a 70 per cent GP because people are going to buy them regardless of what I charge, like a New Zealand sauvignon blanc.”

Is that a compliment or a condemnation of NZ sauvignon blanc?

This wine is unreal

Is it better to sip on a wine that is made from grapes or put together using ethanol with fruity flavour compounds? A recent article in New Scientist by Chris Baraniuk, tells the tale of Mardonn Chua and Alec Lee, who say they have produced an experimental synthetic wine that mimics the taste of the sparkling Italian white wine Moscato d’Asti. They are now working on creating a Dom Pérignon tasting concoction that they plan to sell for US$50 ($69) a bottle. It’s an interesting concept. Where will it lead in the next 20 years?

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