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Daily Chronicle [Illinois] 2 April 2016 James Nokes

In both the style of the wine and the visual presentation on the label and website, the southeast Australian red is outsized. Winemaker Steve Roden has taken a ripe Shiraz/Cabernet Sauvignon blend and packed it full of fruit and spice flavors.

An edgy label featured distressed images of a motorcycle, a man in a leather jacket and an Australian flag. They served as a prelude to a full throttle, big wine with loads of character. Full article

Sydney inner west magazine Ciao 1 April 2016 Winsor Dobbin

Winsor reviews
  • Taylor’s 2015 Promised Land Riesling
  • Henry’s Drive 2013 Pillar Box Red
  • Frogmore Creek 2014 Fumé Blanc
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Grape Expectations 2 April Max Crus (Simon Hughes)

At some point in the week these reviews and article  will appear in The Daily Examiner (Grafton), Border Mail (Albury), Rotary Down Under (National) and Australian Petroleum Marketer News (National) 


April fooled.

The fun just never stops it seems and I’ve never laughed so much without blowing stuff out of my nostrils, but it was one of the best April Fools jokes ever perpetrated.

Who would have thought our government had a sense of humour. The dourness of Scotty, the gritty resolve of Eric, the statesmanlike seriousness of Barnaby…actually, how could anyone take Barnaby seriously?

But that’s irrelevant.

On April 1st a great newspaper headline trumpeted how ‘Big Oil’ had been doing some pretty big, bad, things. That’s wasn’t the really funny bit though.

In the same issue a story revealed how ‘Big Retailers’ underpaid staff. Hilarious for shareholders but that’s not the funny bit either.

Another story followed about the Australian Stock Exchange chief quietly resigning over some impropriety.

The head of the body that overlooks listed company’s propriety in the stew over impropriety? That is pretty funny in a sick sort of way that perhaps only Alan Bond can fully appreciate.

But that’s not the hilarious April 1st con either.

On the next page yet another story about how few of those listed companies hadn’t paid tax. Oh, how big business laughed.

Amazingly on the same page, education providers (basically private organisations  replacing TAFE colleges) were being pursued by the ACCC for unconscionable conduct, and absconding with millions of taxpayer funds.

Hilarious to see disabled illiterates stumbling on the stairs to the ombudsman’s office. Imagine how the Ombudspeople chortled when those who could, made it to the first form to fill out?

Funny, but that wasn‘t the April Fool punchline either.

More hilarity from Uncle Arthur Sino’s misdemeanours, when the Electoral Commission wouldn’t remove his name from their report on the dodgy dealings of the organisation he headed.

Haha, that’s like James Hird asking ASADA to remove his name because he didn’t concern himself with that sort of thing. Soooo funny.

But no, the really funny bit was the government’s reaction to all of the above is to insist on a  building industry commission and cut penalty rates for low paid workers.

Haha, so it’s those crook hard hats ripping the country off that’s holding us all back?

Gosh we chortled. Perhaps the unions should hire a Barista? But not on a Sunday mate. Haha.

Happy April Fools day. Meanwhile here’s the worst wines we’ve had this week…haha, just kidding.

  • (Franklin Tate Estates) Tate Alexanders Vineyard Shiraz, 2013, $24. Franklin is the scion of Tate from Evans and Tate fame, synonymous with ‘poshish’ WA plonk. How could yo go wrong? 8.6/10.
  • (Franklin Tate Estates) Tate Alexanders Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2013, $24. 20 Years ago Mum would have thought this the bee’s knees because there’s Tate on the label. It’s a good looking combination of letters. 8.7/10.
  • Sassy (Orange) Pinot Noir 2013, $30. How could you resist this for a hen’s party, an election party, a Madonna concert, or just a Friday night? Sass up guys this is good. 9/10.
  • Sassy (Orange) Arneis 2015, $24. This would surely be a hit at board meetings full of bravado and girls of the night which seem to go hand in hand with corrupt types. 8.8/10.
  • Irvine Springhill Merlot 2014, $18. Is merlot making a comeback, or should that be a kickback? Nice work if you can get it. 8.8/10.
  • Irvine The Estate Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot Cabernet Franc 2014, $25. Is there an industry or organisation that doesn’t have some corruption? Let those who have not sinned cast the first lawsuit, and buy the first round. 8.9/10.

The Mercuary (Tasmanina) 2 April Graeme Phillips


Our wines ripe for picking.

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